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5 Things about being single that scares most people

5 Things about being single that scares most people

5 Things about being single that scares most people

These days many people knowingly choose to be single. This is because of the various perks associated with being one. You have better chance of concentrating on your career and work on yourself when you are single than when you are in a relationship. Although you may continue arguing on this as much as you want, but this stands well funded in most cases.


You are free without someone to justify your actions to and in fact, do whatever you feel is necessary or exciting for your life. There is nothing that sounds better than this? Isn’t it? However, singlehood comes with its own set of problems too. People do fear being single forever. Here are a few things about being single that people fear the most:



Being alone forever


This is perhaps the greatest fear that people have. Nobody wants to end up being alone forever. Sometime people equate singlehood with loneliness. We are also made to believe that having some one accompany us in doing tasks or going to places or enjoying even the smallest of things is more exciting than doing anything all alone. What we do lose sight of is the fact that it is okay to be single as long as we are happy and we love being in our own company rather than being with someone who is incompatible, just for the sake of a company.



The ever worried family


More than us, our families are always worried about our relationship statuses. Family pressure is another source of worry for people who are single. Our family wants to see us settled. In fact, they might convince you into finally giving up and settling for someone. The worst, they resort to emotional blackmailing or even manipulation to have you give up on your single status.


Sometimes, people attached to you fail to understand what makes you truly happy and want to have their expectations met. What you can do is to be very clear about what you actually want for yourself just so that you don’t settle for someone who doesn’t deserve you and vice versa.



The society questions you

 5 Things about being single that scares most people

The societal pressure is too much to handle at times even if you want to just stay aloof and don’t want to care. The society judges you the most. In fact, the lack of a man in your life resonates with you being at fault. You are made to believe that as long as you have someone you are complete and the lack thereof makes you unworthy.


What needs to be understood is that somebody else’s version of who you are is never a great one. In fact, they do this because most of them are only jealous of your care-free life which they clearly cannot have for the very reason of being in a relationship. The fact that you are free to take your own decisions is something that not too many people can tolerate.

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The burden of reproducing


Women have a strict biological clock. Some just end up being lucky having kids at a very late age. You  might fear being left without kids forever. You might even feel like your friends are all getting married and ending up with their partners but you are still stuck at the same point and life seems to have dumped you.


What you need to remind yourself is having a baby is not the test of your worth. Unless you are truly confident of being able to take care of your child and in fact, have a supporting partner to raise the baby with, you shouldn’t be thinking about a kid. Not every couple with a child is happy! Marriage and children are never the solutions to the worries of our lives.

Never having someone to fall back upon

 5 Things about being single that scares most people

We need a support system. That can be anyone, from our parents, to friends, to a partner too. What attracts most people to a relationship is the fact that you can share your emotional, physical and financial needs with someone. This sort of dependence does more harm than good to an individual self. You fail to grow because you know you have an alternative to lean on. Do we even realise what happens when that person you have always been dependent on chooses to leave you? Doesn’t it culminate into your entire world falling apart? Over dependence does break us down. In fact, a more scarier situation might take shape if you have always depended on this person for the minutest of things.


Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Don’t accept people who fail to love you just because you are bound to accept them in your life. Do what makes you truly happy. Embrace your singlehood. It is a great place to stay in!

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