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Grandparents’ secrets to long lasting love

Grandparents’ secrets to long lasting love

Grandparents' secrets to long lasting love

Grandparents' secrets to long lasting love


One evening when I was out for a run, I saw this scene at the park that left me wonderstruck.  An old couple (who would be possibly in their 70s)were helping each other exercise. On being asked, the old lady told me that she suffered from arthritis and that his husband was helping her get better. I was amazed at the sight as the old man himself trembled walking but was keen for her betterment.  I drowned thinking that what is it that keeps them intact and so devoted to each other even at this age? On the other hand, I also thought that why is that young and energetic couples today, fail to stand up for each other?

This took me to a space of introspection and I decided to meet the couple the next day and ask them what their secret was. After an enchanting discussion with the duo, here is what I understood and I am sharing the recipe of a long and happy relationship with you all. So start taking note guys!


  • Acceptance

It is very important to accept the reality. The honeymoon period will get over one day and you will be unveiled to the flaws and that is how it is and you must accept it. The glitz and jazz of liking someone will initially get you on cloud nine but slowly and gradually pull you downwards to the factual picture where opposites do attract, but not for too long. The difference will start appearing as career or social or family responsibilities kicks in and will also tenderly disturb the calmer environment of your relationship. At that moment, accept the situation and look for hale and hearty adjustments.


  • Expression

Grandparents' secrets to long lasting love

I believe everything is vague if it isn’t communicated or expressed adeptly. Expressing love is the most important factor for a long and happy relationship. If couples do not exchange appreciation and gratitude of their presence in each other’s life, then it simply means you are laying the groundwork for a tired and unhealthy relationship.


  • Never Play the Blame-Game

We tend to take the easiest route out when a problem strikes and when there is an argument, what we tend to do is we play the blame-game. Instead, we should look for an effective communication and focus on solving the matter. Cheerfulness will knock your doors if the two of you drag deep discussions and find the root of the problem. Never opt for that temporary ego satisfaction by putting the blame on each other and instead look for permanent solutions.


  • Value Family & Friends

Grandparents' secrets to long lasting love

A lot of reasons might act as a barrier for you and your partner when it comes to acceptance of family and friends. Religion, caste, financial status and social standards are to name some. Patiently analyze their outlook. If they are against your bonding then you must think that why they are disapproving of you relationship. Ask yourself that are they being just biased or do they have a point. They are concerned for you and therefore, always evaluate things objectively.


  • Friendship

‘You can find a boyfriend in your best friend, what is rare is to find a friend in your boyfriend’. Friendship is very crucial for a long lasting relationship. If you find a great friend in him, you will be able to share things and open your heart. Honesty and commitment will come naturally to both of you if you are great friends.


  • Keeping the spark alive

Grandparents' secrets to long lasting love

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With passing time, the romance and the flare starts to fade and this is the main reason why people get bored of each other. Keep the craze for each other alive. Put in efforts to dress up well for each other, try staying in shape and in attracting each other. Be romantic, go on dates and do not forget to kiss often as this will help the two of you crave for each other’s company and will not drift you apart.


So these are few things that the super-couple told me. I am sure this will help young couples to embark on a lasting journey and will make things a lot easier. Love is what keeps all of us alive and I know how heartbreaking it is when things do not seem to work out. Although, destiny and luck also is a thing but you should not lose out on things that are in your hand and I am sure the above mentioned are workable elements.



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