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Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!

Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!

Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!

The journey of finding love is never easy and along the way we meet a lot of potential lovers who needless to say just exactly represent their zodiac qualities. Some doesn’t fit our bill and for some we are not the right catch. In a relationship, we all want our partners to remain loyal to us and hence we bestow our faith in them. While all zodiac signs are totally capable of monogamy, for some zodiac signs it is very tough and for some it is easy. Lets find out what the faithful meter of each zodiac has to say –

 Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!


They are sensual and like being in a long lasting relationship. They become heavily dependent on their partners and are mostly planning about their future. They do not believe in dating two people at the same time. When they find problems arising in their relationship, they prefer instant communication and tackling the matter.



The crab is family oriented and is not happy unless it is secured in a loving relationship. They like emotional stability and are always faithful to any given partner. They like to take care of their partner even if they aren’t being taken care of very well. They believe in giving more than receiving. They incredibly respect their emotional ties and bonds.


  1. VIRGO

They can quickly figure out what the other persons feelings are. They are immensely supportive of friends and lovers and they believe in doing justice to their commitments. They prefer fulfilling their partner’s emotional requirements and are afraid of exploring new options as they believe in Karma.


  1. LIBRA

Librans will never spoil a good relationship by working things out at multiple places. They strictly love harmony and peace and they are creative in nature. They love stability and they can travel miles for their loved ones. They are excited lovers and when things begin moving roughly, they become dormant but as time passes they come out of their little world and sort things out.



They are hardworking and passionate. They believe whether it is their careers or relationships they have to maintain trust, efforts and persist their ways through happiness. They know there are no short cuts and determination will help them deal with things adeptly.


  1. ARIES

Free spirited and adventurous in nature, Aries do not like analyzing the situation fully and like to escape the hassle of problems by exploring new people. This part of their nature often includes multiple affairs.



Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!

Just as much as they can love someone, similarly can they put them into isolation. They are passionate but dangerous. They are fun-lovers and daring. They enjoy the game of hearts and minds and their wit often lands them into fresh people and different lovers at the same time.


  1. LEO

The lion demands nothing  less than perfection. They get easily bored and once they realize that their partners aren’t working hard enough to satisfy them, they move to brighter opportunities. They will never fade out from their responsibilities and will always keep their partners happy. This is the reason why they expect the same in return.



They are known for their power and magnitude. They are not easy at all and are strong headed. It is very rare that they fall in love but when they do they are true to their feelings. The only problem with them is they find it very difficult to apologize and think they are always right. Once they feel that their partner is trying to blame them, they won’t stay for long.


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The archer is not ready to abide the rules and regulations. The inherent quality of the archer to be free of judgments and handle criticism efficiently, makes them explore all kinds of relationships. They are extremely sexual and like experiencing adventurous forays into the areas of sex and intimacy with new people.



Zodiac sign reveals how faithful you are in a relationship!

The unconventional and vibrant zodiac likes to be in a serious and stable relationship but always ends up being bored. It is very hard to keep them captivated and hooked to one kind of feeling for a long time. They enjoy the rush and like taking risks. This is why they are always labelled as unpredictable.



Pisceans are sensitive but strong. They maybe in a rewarding relationship but will still be in a tussle with their emotions. Their battle with their dwindling feelings is always on and the conflict never seems to have an end. They get easily manipulated and have very high expectations from their lovers. When the lovers fail at keeping their expectations, they embark on a journey of fulfilling their fantasies.


It is not obvious for every person falling under the zodiac. This is all a part and parcel of the nature of the zodiac and how differently they approach a situation. For more clarity about your partner, you must recommend a certified astrologer as he will be able to give you a much transparent image of your lover in a relationship with you.



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