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6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!

6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!

6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!

Are you still stuck to your past? Are you having difficulty in moving on in your life after a breakup? A breakup isn’t easy. This is true if your feelings were true and you were so overly invested that being attached is the last thing you could think of. It will be harder if you were dumped without any fault of yours or without being a specific explanation about the separation. It was just imposed on you and you could do nothing but comply.


Dealing with breakups is actually dealing with whether you are even good enough. That is the worst part perhaps because it makes you question yourself. However, a getting help from others can actually help you forget about your ex. Here are a few ways in which you could give up thinking about your partner and embrace your life just the way it is and will be:



Don’t try to control yourself!


By this I mean that there is no point holding it all up. This is only increasing your pain and not letting you give up on his thoughts. Cry, scream, do whatever relieves you. If you accumulate all the frustration, it will burst out in terrible ways you may not know or can think of. But don’t keep doing this for days and months or years! That is not what I am asking you to do here. Just let out your emotions all at once.


Block him on your phone and social media


The more you stalk him, the more you keep a check on his whereabouts, the more you are reminded of him. This will whatever he does will make you crazy. If he is happy you will be jealous. If he has already moved on you will check his present partner and in the process will start drawing comparisons. This will lead to a chain of events which is only harming you in the end. You cannot pretend like you need him or vice versa. You can live on your own and have a better life than him. Level up your standards, forget about him and let go completely!


Call up your friends


Friends are the best people to get you out of this terrible situation. They are the best people to understand what happened and can empathise with your condition. Given the fact that they know you well, they will also have the best possible solutions to get you out of this state. Plan a girl’s night out, or a sleep over. Have fun! This is what you need the most now! Who knows you may end up meeting the new people unexpectedly who will change the way you see life and relationships.



Become a busy bee

 6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!

Get yourself involved in something you are passionate about. This will make it easier to forget your ex. If you have hobbies, indulge in them. Start painting, dancing, singing or playing if you have been into these. Learn something new maybe. Get a job or switch to something that won’t make you think of him especially if he was your colleague. When you are idle, it is but obvious that you will think of him. The busier you are, the lesser chances of you thinking about him.


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Revamp yourself


Don’t stay stagnant. Everyone is changing. Sometimes, changes do good to people. Try and see yourself from a different lens and work on issues that have been bothering you. If you need to lose weight, hit the gym or go running to a park. Invest in yourself. Pamper yourself at a salon or get a haircut. When you look different, you will feel different. In fact this will boost your confidence.


If you look after yourself you will realise your self- worth. This is not just physical revamping but emotional as well. Work on your emotional issues. Take the help of counsellors to understand where you went wrong in the relationship. Just so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes (In case, you have been doing so!). Help is available if you look for it. So, get up and get going!


Start dating

6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!

No matter how hard that seems and how de-motivated you feel to do this. But trust me, there are plenty of men out there. You shouldn’t die mourning about one breakup. Once you open up the avenues, you will realise that there will be people who will understand you true value. It will be easier to forget about him when you have company. Sign up on a dating app. Not all connections will turn out to be serious but you will definitely find great people out there. Possible someone looking for you.


Life doesn’t end with a single breakup (or maybe a few!). You won’t do any good by hurting yourself every day. You should not suffer just because someone chose to give up on you. Try making your own choices for you are entitled to a life full of happiness.

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