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5 unconventional date ideas

5 unconventional date ideas

5 unconventional date ideas

Instead of practising the usual date ideas, like going out to eat in a good restaurant or watching a romantic movie, with your special one, don’t you want to do something different and make a day worth remembering, for your partner and yourself?

5 unconventional date ideas

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Get to know where your partner’s interests lie and see if you can match them with any of yours. Try to look for concrete interests, like music, cookery, dance, books, paintings, etc. Once you have found what you both commonly enjoy doing when you are on your own, consider doing the same things in unity with your partner. Make and play music together, set up a lunch or dinner date at home and spend time cooking your favourite meals, book a place and go dancing, and read to each other and so on. You will not only fail to pleasantly surprise them with one of these unconventional date ideas but will get one step ahead in securing a deeper bond between the two of you.


5 unconventional date ideas

By leaving the city, behind, I do not mean that you need to pack your bags, board a plane and travel to a different city, altogether, arm in arm with your special one. What exactly this idea among the other date ideas, suggests is, you could perhaps go for a long drive or a ride with your partner, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to someplace much more reclusive and peaceful, for a small, one on one picnic kind of a thing, where you both will be able to pay better attention to each other and get to know your partner more closely, in the garb of nature, that has its own way of stimulating your romantic sensations and ideas, while being completely uninterrupted by the distracting clamour of the city dwellers, as in the crowded restaurants or public movie halls.


Well, you can club the two date ideas of travelling and exploring, together and make the journey to your desired destination as exciting as the time spent out there, on reaching it. Get together with your partner and engage yourselves in simple and playful activities. Enjoy the ride as much as you would, on reaching the place, situated far from the hubbub of the city. While you are riding, stop at places such as deserted buildings, flower gardens, amusement parks, tiny gift stores, spend some time together in these places, pick flowers for another, buy each other small queer presents, get on rides, have a photo session and take back wonderful fun-filled memories of these beautiful moments. Such seemingly insignificant little activities can do wonders in bringing two people really close because through these activities you end up revealing a lot about yourself without having to consciously speak about it.


5 unconventional date ideas

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

You know how to dance, but your partner doesn’t?  Well, this is the best opportunity that you should grab to teach your special one to shake a leg. Take the lead, do what you do best and teach them with all the tenderness, patience and love you have got. It’s a great way to propagate your talent to your crush and it also helps you both come together. Of course, go ahead and teach them something they would like to learn, and not something that they are not interested in whatsoever. Let them lead you the next day with something you have wanted to learn, for example, playing football or tennis. This is one of the few exciting date ideas, through which you are going to benefit yourself, even while you are only spending some lovey-dovey moments with your special one.



Start from breakfast and end with dinner. Go out and meet your partner for breakfast. Come home, get done with your house chores,  with their help, then take a shower and do exactly all that you would do had you been by yourself, at home for the weekend. Play a movie, get under the blankets with snacks by your side and watch a movie in each other’s company. The advantage of watching a movie with your date at home is, you can cuddle and fall asleep whenever you would like to. You have one whole day ahead of you, so play games, cook, get drunk, eat, take pictures, get cosy and spend the day well.

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Hope these unconventional date ideas will be of help. You might not be able to go about doing all of the things mentioned above, but you can surely try a few, and they are going to be worth the try. So hope you have fun on your next date. All the best! Do let us know how it goes.


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