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Prized possessions of a woman

Prized possessions of a woman

Prized possessions of a woman

What is so great about being a Woman? Is it the intuition and femininity God gave us which when used properly, can easily jumble the brain of any man or is it our reign in a man’s world that is so powerful in direct or indirect ways?

Prized possessions of a woman

What is the strongest asset a woman can have? Is it her beauty that feels more lustrous than the stars and can make any man bend down on his knees or her wisdom which is so charismatic that is hard to resist?

People relate a lot of things to the Most Prized Possession of a woman. Some say that jewelries are her most priceless treasure which when worn with pride, keeps her chin high and takes the people’s minds off her wrinkles. While others consider her grace to be the most cherished attorney for a woman.

Even though those constant demoralizing quotes and sexist jokes never cease to exist, everybody knows how essential we are. If you ever surf the internet and come across, ‘free drinks, free dinners and free movies’ as the biggest perks of being a woman, don’t get surprised! Yes, the bizarre world actually thinks that it’s great to be ‘us’ only because we can quickly end a fight just by crying. Little did they know that ‘Woman’ is not synonymous to the hypocritical drama queens who have it easy everywhere. A woman is the reason they got into this world and survived. A woman is the selfless giver who takes pride in burning herself to give warmth to others.

So, what makes her this great and blessed that she has the calibre to absorb all the toxins yet remain pious in herself? What is the most prized possession of a woman making her ‘The Woman’?


Many women today have unfortunately lost sight of what true beauty is. You don’t need to blindly follow the trend of being wrapped up in gold from head to toe in order to look beautiful. What virtue can do to a woman’s personality can’t be done by any shimmering make-up or flashy clothing. When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the influence of her power is brighter than sunshine. A woman should never compromise on her morals, values and high standards come what may because these are the only prized possessions that stay with her till her last breath. She, who is devoid of being virtuous, might get devoid of all kinds of regards soon. The

She, who is devoid of being virtuous, might conventionally get devoid of all kinds of regards soon. The color of your lipstick might fail to please God, but it is your gentleness, pure heart and high standards that would continue to make you attractive long after the physical beauty fades. A virtuous woman has love, generosity, self-confidence, forgiveness, prudence and honesty that make her stand unique in the crowd. There is nothing wrong in doing things to keep yourself well-groomed but enhancing your virtue should be your first priority as everything else breaks into pieces if your morals are not appreciable enough.


Prized possessions of a woman

If defined technically, motherhood is the science of performing the role of bearing an offspring, giving birth to it and raising it till it gets mature enough to look after itself. But on keeping the emotional aspects in mind, we realize that motherhood is not limited to just keeping an embryo in your womb. It’s far more than that. It’s an art of selflessly and willingly relinquishing the central position of your universe to your child. When you happily give away even the last piece of bread you had to your child, then you become a mother. When you get the guts to shield your child from all kinds of troubles, then you become a mother. When you know all

When you happily give away even the last piece of bread you had to your child, then you become a mother. When you get the guts to shield your child from all kinds of troubles, then you become a mother. When you know all that your child has gone through even though you haven’t seen it yourself, then you become a mother. That’s the reason why this blessing has been showered only upon us and not men. No creature on Earth can be as sacrificing and compassionate as a woman. Motherhood is the inestimable peak of a woman’s femininity.


God didn’t create us to be known by first our Father’s name and later on by that of our husband. We do have a unique identity of ours which is beyond our partner’s surname. A woman who leads her life on her own terms is the blessed of all. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. So just be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Find your own niche in this male-dominated society and be self-reliant. You don’t need to depend on your man all the time. Be an entrepreneur, an artist or simply a home-maker, but what is important is to be comfortable in your own skin and respect what you do. Only then you can make sure that the world respects you too and looks up to you for who you are. Time might take away everything you own, but it’s your individuality that would continue to ensure you live with the same pride & honour forever.


It’s said that Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. By Education, we do not mean to refer to only to the bookish knowledge but the actual knowledge about life. It’s a pity that in India, girls are exposed to all kinds of domestic instructions since their childhood but no formal teachings related to survival in this harsh world is provided to them. Education is synonymous to Progress. Even today, girls are expected to remain in their in-laws’ house post marriage whatsoever conditions there are. When a girl intends to leave her husband’s house, even her own parents don’t support her willingly most of the times. A girl is seen as helpless without her husband’s shoulder to make her stand tall. No wealth or jewelries can last as long as education. It not only helps a girl earn her own bread but also takes her away from darkness to light. It’s worth is beyond a price. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Instead of saving money and gold for their daughter’s dowry, parents should invest in her education so that she is eligible enough to marry solely with pride.


Prized possessions of a woman

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You’re a free human being with an independent, indomitable will. If your man is not willing to build a world of your dreams, go create it yourself. A woman’s independence is not limited to wearing dresses of her choice only but it aims to have an opportunity to choose her career, take her decisions and follow her passion all by herself. People close to you would obviously give you their share of advices but lending them the authority to control you is a blunder you could commit. Be independent from jealousy, harsh remarks, others’ hatred and biased commands. Don’t let anyone cross the boundaries and harm your real self. Stand up for yourself whenever you feel that your freedom is being violated. It’s not just a choice but a prized possession. You need not be a puppet and no one should control your strings. You’ve all the rights to dance to your own tunes without following someone else’s footsteps. When the right time comes, you’d realize that keeping your independence in your purse and carrying it everywhere along with you was the best decision you ever made.


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