5 Ways to keep off your ego in love!

5 Ways to keep off your ego in love!

5 Ways to keep off your ego in love!

A sublime happiness which heals the soul from within is how I define ‘love.’ To be in love or perhaps to have fallen in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in anyone’s life. It’s not just about a union of a girl or a boy but rather a mingling of body and soul with all its flaws and imperfections. When someone tells,  “You are operated by a voluptuous ego”; how should one react to it? Is this a statement of pride? Or is it simply a mocking tone from the ‘other’ indirectly asking us to look and judge our own ‘self’?
Today we are so self-conscious about ourselves, that sometimes before our ego every other thing goes unnoticed. A perfect relationship blossoms and produces magic only when we keep aside our ego and lend a patient ear to listen to our partner.



It doesn’t really matter who texts whom first. Like five years down the lane, it won’t even matter. But if we bring in our ego and expect from the other sid, you will regret it five years later. If true love exists, have minimum expectations, because at the end you are going to suffer if your partner doesn’t respond to you timely. With the passage of time, one slowly understands and minutely judges what his/her partner actually is. If your partner fails to reciprocate to you in spite of you knowing the fact that he/she loves you a lot, do not sit and mourn. Instead, ignore the matter by calming yourself that your partner might have a hectic schedule. It is a fact that expectation hurts. But if you are kind enough, shun off your ego and ignore his/ her missed text for a factual truth.



5 Ways to keep off your ego in love!
A proper relationship takes place only when there is a free space between a man and a woman. Too much of interference might spoil the root of trust and loyalty. If your partner is on a foreign trip make sure you give him/her time to settle down there and then respond to you. However, do not sit down with your egoistic seatbelt holding the view that he has perhaps forgotten you. The more you give each other space, the greater the respect you will earn. This shows the sign of maturity and a well-refined manner of exclusion of ego. Once you are attracted to the colours of the space and time, notions like ego seem silly.



If your relationship isn’t going on the right track, try to patiently listen to what the other has to say. Sometimes in our ego we are so badly controlled by our emotions, that we speak certain things only to realize later on that it shouldn’t have been uttered. Instead of digesting a perfect blend of anger and ego, confess your emotions regarding what is hurting you the most. A stable posture irrespective of restlessness is a good sign to listen to your fears and anxieties. The more you listen patiently the more you get a chance to rectify your mistakes and make your love story bloom again which once had fallen into a pit. An egoistic confession might produce negative consequences. Therefore be a good listener and heal the wounds which cannot be seen through your naked eyes.



5 Ways to keep off your ego in love!
Out of your busy schedule, always fix a particular time and date for spending quality time with your lover. If the previous meeting was somehow cancelled due to any issue, do not stick to that point. Instead give a call or text your partner to make him/her realize that you are not stubborn with the previous cancellation and would love to fix another date. A quality time with your partner acts an ointment to the hurt and wounds induced on you consciously or unconsciously.  The more the time you spend with your partner, the greater the urge of meeting him/her again. So had you sat with your ego and refused to meet because of the previous incident, don’t you think you would have missed a golden opportunity?



If you are blindly folded by ego, you will always find flaws. But always remember beauty is glorified more with all its imperfections because you love the person just the way they are. When you are deeply in love, do not distinguish between who is superior or inferior .Never underestimate each other’s qualities, because when you do so, you are controlled by a self-esteemed enthusiasm which in turn might turn the rosy petals in the relationship into thorns. Therefore the best remedy is to appreciate each other’s work without bringing in ego and accepting the other’s importance and flaws with an open heart.

Life is too short to have a deep imposed anger on your partner. After all, matters like ego is a wastage of time because at the end it is only the self which is going to suffer. Love your partner with a silent touch and not a verbal allegation. Raise your love on a platonic plane because ego doesn’t exist here. And once the metaphysical love drops down on the physical plane nothing would seem more magical than a fairy tale.


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