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6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!


One of the most common terms you use when you are in your 20’s is ‘career’. It becomes one of the hot topic of all group meets and everyone has their own plan. Nobody wants to be left behind but yet you find some are doing far better than some others. If you don’t see any difference in these people you are looking for the big things. Generally, the things that affect your career in the long term are the small things. So here are some things that may be hampering your career.

  • Being a ‘Yes Man’

Get this straight no matter how much you try you won’t be able to keep everyone happy. We try too hard to keep everyone happy at work and in the process we start saying yes to almost everything. What it does is create a picture of you as someone who is unable to take a stand. So say yes only when you mean it.

  • Problem identifier vs Problem solver

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!
How many times have you heard problem coming up in a meeting? Now compare it to the number of times problems were raised with a solution. You’ll see the former number is much larger than the latter. Nobody likes a person who keeps pointing at the problems but everyone likes a person who has a solution for one. So try to be a problem solver.

  • Overcommitting and Under-Delivering

This is a mistake which quite a few youngsters make when they are starting their career. You have to remember that doing more work is not the target but doing quality work is. If you do all the work but it is not to the mark, it won’t bear any fruit. It’s better to commit to a limited amount of work and deliver it on time. Keep your word when you give one.

  • Don’t carry your ego everywhere

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!
If you look the most successful people are also the most humble. Nobody climbed the steps of success by being a know-it-all. They were ready to take criticism, understand and accept where they needed to learn things. This gave them an edge over people who took it on their ego and stood their ground. Adapt, learn and never take things to heart.

  • Complacency

When was the last time you learned something new? I know the excuse that we don’t get enough time. But that’s just an excuse and everyone around you sees that, including your boss. All it shows is that you have become too comfortable to just be. This shows a lack of interest and the effort to grow which is not acceptable by any company. Learn and keep growing.

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  • The company comes first

6 Habits that are slowly killing your career!
Sometimes we become so focused on growing our career we forget basic morals like integrity, gratitude, and empathy. We start badmouthing about other employees. We start to play politics against our own company and coworkers. We forget that we all are working for the same company and losing the big picture, keep harming it. Your bosses are watching this too.
These are some areas where you could go wrong. But it is never just one big mistake, it’s a combination of all these little mistakes that is keeping your career behind. If you feel we missed something, please feel free to add in the comments.


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