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6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

Upper lip hair has been a terrible issue in our list since the day we got mature enough to start being conscious about how we look. “Is that a moustache on your face?” “Yes! It is. Let me die now!” We know how difficult it is for you to convince your mother to let you go to the parlor to get rid of those unwanted things above your lips. Or may be it’s you who doesn’t want to go through the pain that comes with waxing. But what use we are if we don’t have your back! This time we’ve come up with some amazing tips in our goodie bag to reduce upper lip hair naturally. As I said that they are completely natural, so you don’t need to worry about the side effects. Moreover, regular implementation of these methods will make your upper lip hair go forever. Already cheered up? Read on girls!


Milk and turmeric mix

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

Milk lightens the dark upper lip portion and turmeric removes the hair naturally. When these two ingredients are mixed together, they create wonders. Apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of turmeric and milk to your upper lip. Rub it off once it gets dried. Wash off with cold water. Try it regularly for a few weeks and you will notice visible change soon. Gradually the hair will stop growing and you will get rid of it forever.


Gram flour


It is one of the easiest methods to remove the upper lip hair naturally as it gently scrubs your skin as well as improves the skin tone. Prepare a thick paste out of some gram flour, milk and turmeric. Apply it to the desired region and peel it off once it gets dried. You will notice that the hair growth has considerably reduced and over some period of time all the hair will disappear.


Egg white

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

Egg white is also a great remedy to remove upper lip naturally and soothe your skin. Prepare a thick, sticky paste of one egg white, some corn flour and sugar and apply it to the upper lip region. Peel if off once it gets completely dried. You will notice hair coming out along with the peel. Rub off the region gently and apply a toner if you see any inflammation in the skin over there. Repeat this procedure for a few weeks and you will surely get great results.


Yogurt, gram flour and turmeric


We have told you how amazingly gram flour and turmeric works at removing the upper lip hair naturally. Just put some yogurt into the mixture of gram flour and turmeric to enhance the results and apply it to the upper lip. Rub it off after 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Smooth and clear upper lip will not be a dream anymore!


Lemon, sugar, and water

6 Natural ways to remove your upper lip hair

Sugar is an excellent scrub while lemon has skin lightening properties. Mix the juice extracted from two squeezed lemon with some sugar and prepare a thin paste. Apply it to your upper lip and leave for 10-15 minutes. Once you feel that it has got dry, wash it off with water. Repeat this experiment twice or thrice a week to get the best results. Lemon might make your skin excessive dry so better use a toner or a moisturizing cream to replenish the lost moisture.

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Sugar waxing


If you’re seeking instant results, sugar waxing might be the thing for you but it would cause mild pain as well. Mix 2 tablespoons each of water and lemon juice into 1 cup of sugar. Heat it and keep stirring constantly to avoid the formation of lumps. Prepare a hot thick paste but make sure that it is not too hot to be tolerable to your skin. Dab some talcum powder against your upper lip region before starting the procedure. Apply this sugar wax on it using a spatula. Place a waxing strip on it, hold it for a few seconds and pull it off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The hair will come out with the strip. Rub off some ice cubes over the upper lip to soothe any inflammation.


These homemade tips work far better than any chemical available in the market you spend a fortune on. Just be patient and keep trying these regularly for a few weeks. You will notice visible and permanent results for sure.



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