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How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

Got tonnes of lipsticks you don’t wear and just one colour you cannot do without? Be it at a party or to office, you wear this particular colour practically everywhere you go. There is of course a reason to that.

How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

Here’s how to understand why you count on one particular colour but can’t do enough justice to the others which are in themselves amazing colours and looked as great when you saw your friends wearing them.

There are a few very important things to consider while choosing your lip colour to enhance your puckers in the most flattering manner. Know how!

How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?



How do we choose our lipsticks in general? We test a colour we like on the back of our palms, on the basis of which we decide as to whether the colour will suit our lips or not. This however isn’t the right way to choose your lipstick. The correct way to choose your lipstick is to test the colour on the tip of your fingers, because the skin on the tip of your finger is very similar to the texture and the colour of the skin on your lips.

Remember that colours two or three shades darker to your lip colour is most suitable for your skin.



How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

It is crucial to consider the shape of your lips before you go on to choose your lip colour. While darker colours can make the lips look thinner and smaller, comparatively lighter and brighter shades make the lips look more plump and thicker. So even if a particular colour looks beautiful on its own, it may not accentuate your lips as much because it may make your already thin lips appear thinner or your already fat lips look thicker.



How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

Know which colour suits you better by primarily finding out your skin tone. Learn whether you have a fair skin, wheatish complexion or are dark complexioned.

First it is important to define what your skin tone is and then you should move on to evaluating your undertone. Everyone irrespective of their skin colour will have either a warm or a cool undertone and more than skin tone the undertone plays an important part at helping you to choose the perfect colour for your lips.

You definitely cannot own different colours for different occasions, so what is ideal for you is to have a colour which you can wear on a daily basis. Hence, as mentioned before, choose a colour a few notches above your original lip colour in order to brighten up your lips while also making them look natural.



How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

Undertone is different to skin tone. Undertone varies from person to person. You may either have a cool undertone or a warm undertone. People with a cool undertone will have veins on their wrists appearing blue, while people with warmer undertones will have veins on their wrists appearing green and provided you can’t figure out as to whether they appear blue or green, then chances are that you have a neutral undertone.

There are other ways to make out whether you have a cool or a warm undetone. Prop both a piece of Gold as well as a piece of Silver jewellery on yourself while standing in front of the mirror and then ask yourself which looks better on you. Don’t be biased towards your personal preference but choose that which genuinly flatters your complexion.

Choose a colour which is similar to your undertone, which means that if you have a cool undertone with Blue, Purple and Pink tones in your skin then go for lip colours that are similar to your undertone. If you have a warm undertone with yellowish tones then go for shades which have tones of Yellow in them.

Nevertheless no matter what the skin tone or the undertone, one must avoid lipsticks with Grey, ashy or a pale feel because no matter what the complexion is, such colours can look extremely unappealing on the skin.


How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

You may be fair but what is important is to distinguish your undertone to know which lip colour suits you the best.

If you have a warm undertone, with tinges of yellow on your skin then you should go for Orange, coral and peachy shades which are bright and will pretty well compliment your warm skin tone.

However if you have a cool undertone with tinges of Pink on your skin then you should go for Mauve Brown, or true Red lip colours. Wear colours which have shades of Mauve or Blue which will in turn compliment your pale complexion.

If your complexion is extremly pale then go for true Pinks that should compliment your lips pretty well.


How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

Most colours from Brown to Mauve suit Wheatish complexions and even though you compliment most colours, it is better for you to avoid nudes because it can make you look paler than usual.

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Those of you who have a warmer undertone can adorn bronze, cinamon and copper colours. While the ones with a cooler undertone will flatter shades of Pink. Red will also look good on wheatish complexion having cool undertones. Darker colours like Cranberry and Plum will go well with your complexion but avoid Tomato Red.



Try and opt for Brown and Berry shades. Pinkish and Reddish shades must be indefinitely avoided.

Those with a warm undertone will look flattering in Berry and subtle Brown shades, while the shades like brick Red, Caramel and Brownish Red will match those having a cool undertone.



How to pick the right lipstick according to your skin tone?

You will look great in shades like Brown, Red and deep Purple, without a doubt. So pick them up without any strains of hesitation for your puckers. However steer clear from shades of Orange because they are most likely to not compliment your skin colour at all, irrespective of your undertone – be it cool or warm. Basically avoid anything too light or pale because darker shades will look more naturally flattering on your lips.

Women with a warm undertone will look becoming in shades like Copper, Bronze, Walnut and Honey. While women with cooler undertones will compliment Ruby Red and Wine colours, very well.



Make sure to use a lip liner all the time to avoid your lip colours from bleeding and staying in its place, making your puckers looking neat and plump. Another important thing to note is that, you could try and smudge the lip liner into the thicker portions of your lips instead of just lining the lips to make the lips appear more natural.

If you own colours that you realise don’t suit you and have figured the reasons why after reading posts of the like on the internet, you don’t really need to throw the lipsticks away. Instead you could mix and match the colours to create a palette of your choice. Voila!

Just keep these few facts and tips in mind, next time when you go lipstick shopping. Happy shopping!




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