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6 Reasons why the man you like doesn’t approach you

6 Reasons why the man you like doesn’t approach you

6 Reasons why the man you like doesn't approach you

You think you have everything it takes to have any man but you still struggle to have even a single man approach you. Do you feel like you have the right company, you go to the right places yet men fail to notice or even if they do they choose to avoid you completely? This is not this first time you felt so but you notice a pattern like this with almost every man you come across. The thing is you might be killing all the good vibes to attract the man you desire. Here are a few mistakes that you are making and why you are not being approached often by men:

6 Reasons why the man you like doesn't approach you

You are stuck to your electronic device:


You are so involved in what happens on your social media profiles that it shows on the face. You scream of virtual media and your body language says that you are not available. You don’t let your phone or laptop stay away for a second and are very consumed with whatever it is that you are doing. If at all you are reading something important, then that shows on your face. If you are pretending to read, that shows as well. This is the difference between someone who is approachable and the one who is not. Be aware of the setting you are in. If that demands your attention, blend into it. People like to associate themselves with those who are open and socially intelligent.


You fail to look him in the eye


Now this is a very common way to tell people that you are interested. A long glance along with a smile can give the signal that you are attracted to him. How can you even expect someone to come and talk to you if you haven’t shown any interest whatsoever? Make it a point to see him now and then. Of course, don’t see him in a way that makes him uncomfortable or creeps him out. Eye contact is the best way to make someone feel like you are wanting to let them sneak into your heart.


You act like a snob

6 Reasons why the man you like doesn't approach you

You seldom behave well with people. If you do and at least smile back, any man will get the signal that you have a good heart. Everyone wants to be with someone who is kind and compassionate. Be courteous to people you meet. Flash a smile at those who do even little for you. This makes you come across as a warm person. This is the kind of girl a man would like to associate with. Most importantly, don’t pretend. I am sure you are a good person. You have all it takes to make people feel good around you. Don’t let your negatives cause a setback to your love life.


You act like you are way beyond anyone’s league


You behave like there can be no one better than you. That you deserve all the attention while nobody can ever be half as good as you. It might be so that you are being this person without even realising it. It is great to have the confidence and a good self esteem but beware that there is a very thin line between being confident and being over confident. Make sure you come across as strong but not controlling. People do notice these aspects and your personality can sometimes be way more louder than you actually think it is.


You act way too easy to get

6 Reasons why the man you like doesn't approach you

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You are easy to get. You hang out with almost any random man you meet. You literally throw yourself over them. And almost every man in the city knows you for infamous reasons. Have some dignity. That is way more sexier than anything else. No matter how harsh that sounds, men like to have women with some class. They like to win over someone who is hard to get. Make sure to don’t appear desperate while you try to woo the guys you meet. Those who do, find a hard time having decent men.


You have way too many people around you


 So you went to this bar and had a great time. Your friends accompanied you and you caught the attention of a great guy. But you were hardly alone. You didn’t even give him the chance to approach you. All you did was drink and dance with your friends. Get an excuse and detach from your friends for some time. Go out. Chances are he is actually waiting to catch you alone. If you don’t make sure, there will be someone else to grab that opportunity!


Now here is something you also need to know: Guys don’t always need to approach you. If you like someone, go ahead. Don’t let stereotypes ruin your chances of having the man of your dreams.


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