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7 Signs you are just settling for him and are not really in love!

7 Signs you are just settling for him and are not really in love!

7 Signs you are just settling for him and are not really in love!

Sometimes, we just choose to settle for relationships don’t feel too great. Even if things are fine, you always feel that they could be better beyond this. Women get too bothered about settling down at the right time. Well, blame it on the hormones and also the societal pressure. And hence we choose to settle for an average life. We believe that something is better than nothing. So, settling for something or someone that we are not completely involved seems to be like the easiest path. More like staying in our comfort zones. That’s how we end up being with people in unfulfilling relationships.

So, just so as to escape the responsibility and efforts that come with newer relationships, we try and convince ourselves that the one we are with right now is probably the best that we could have and therefore, this is what we should settle for. Average relationships usually share this fate. To be honest, this is not how you make the most of what you can have in this life. You deserve to be happy and not just settle for anything. Therefore, it is okay that you take your time and find the right one for yourself, the one who truly makes you happy.


You keep wondering outside the relationship


You are so unhappy with your present relationship that you keep wondering if there is better in store for you outside the relationship. You think about the possibilities that could be have been there had you taken the opportunity to explore. There is always a nagging thought that this is not you deserve and your life would be much better if you chose to get out of your average relationship. [read: 7 Common love traps you unconsciously fall into!]


You justify your relationship to other people


You are so not convinced with your partner that you subconsciously justify your relationship to other people. This is perhaps the greatest sign that your partner doesn’t really make you feel great and you are just settling. You are so unhappy that you feel like the more you justify to people about your relationship, you convince yourself that he is great. [Read: 7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind]


You compare him with your exes


When you are in a mode where you have to draw comparisons between exes, then you are definitely not satisfied with the relationship at stake. This way you try and justify to yourself that he is better than your exes and therefore you should not demand more from life and settle for what has given to you. One thing worth mentioning here is, if you settle for something average, you attract average. If you long for the best, you attract the best. [Read: 6 Quickest ways to forget about your ex!]


You wish that he changed

 7 Signs you are just settling for him and are not really in love!

You feel like you can change him to make him better. You are ready to accept his flaws as they are but deep down you keep wishing that he changed. What you fail to realise is mistakes can be amended but nature cannot change. You shouldn’t even expect people to change the way they are. As a responsible person, you should be able to understand what works best for you right at the start and then decide if the relationship is worth settling for.

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You fear ending up lonely


This is just the same reason that people fear being single. You feel like being single is miserable for you and you would rather have someone than stay alone. You stop looking at the bigger picture. You should start analysing why you are just settling. There may be deeper issues that are underlying and you are not addressing those first. This is the reason why you see relationships as a quick solution to your loneliness. [Read: 5 Things about being single that scares most people]


You compete with your friends


You are so dissatisfied with your partner that you feel the need to evaluate your standing with your partner in comparison with your friends’ love life. If you were happy with your partner, you would never really feel jealous. The fact that you are not content in your relationship, you are in a state of competing with your friends. When you compete with someone, you are actually looking at what you expect and what you wish to achieve. This is why when you are in an unfulfilling relationship, you show your dissatisfaction by trying to have what others do. [Read: 7 Powerful ways to fight Facebook jealousy!]


You are sceptical of a future with him


When you are in love you will always be looking forward to settling down with him. If you are not excited about this man, then you surely are unhappy and that is expressing itself in your inability or disinterest in looking ahead at a future with him. Settling in a relationship will make you want to avoid what is quite normal when you are deeply in love. [Read: 6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!]


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