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6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

Have just you landed up with a an extremely good looking and charismatic partner? Are you always wondering how did you get such a great catch? Well, you must think again if you are in the illusion that your partner loves you for the person you are, if you yourself can’t really get yourself to believe that. Think about what you do for him/her and your answer will be right there. If your partner make conscious efforts to trick you into buying all the expensive stuff, you are hooked on to a gold digger.

6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

Gold diggers are not necessarily males or females, they can just be about anyone. They will make every effort to suck you till they are done because obviously they can never really afford to have that or aren’t capable enough to take care of their needs. They will make it an effort to make you believe that you owe it to them. No wonder, they leave you as soon as they get a better catch. Here are a few signs that you have a gold digger sucking on your neck:


They are more interested in your job:


Did your date come up with very obvious questions on how much you earn and what job you are into? Are they more interested in what sort of property you own and how your lifestyle is like? If that is the sole thing they seemed to be interested in when they met you, then you have got a gold digger. It is normal to want to know what you do, if finances are the only topic that interests her, then it a clear signal that you have ended up with a leech.


They exaggerate their lifestyle:

6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

No matter what kind of an upbringing he/she has had, a gold digger can be just about anyone and not necessarily a person who comes from a humble background. They are great calculators and have already analysed your spending profile. Making tall claims about the places they go vacationing to, the brands that they love, the kind of cars they have or even the money they spend on themselves; is something they have mastered. They just wish to give you a clear idea of what they expect and that you would have to live up to that. Whether these are true or not, they will make it sure that you fall into that bait that they have laid out so carefully.


They are more interested in what you are wearing


Your clothes, your shoes, your watch, your perfume, all speaks of the class that you have. So, when they meet you and they make the approach to approach and flirt with you, you must be aware that they have judged you right from the class that you resonate. Even before they have known anything substantial about you, they seem to be all over you. To them, you are a diamond they have been eyeing for quite some time.


You end up spending a lot


When you calculate the total amount of money you have spent on her, the amount is mind boggling. They expect lavish presents from you and never shy away from showing off. They never really takes the initiative to look at the bill or ever offer to pay up at least a portion of it. He/she all dependent on you and acts like they own your credit card. They make you feel like they are a reward you have. Hence, you have to spend to have them in your life. Basically, they feed on making you feel worthless.

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They want to be in happening places

 6 Signs you are dating a 100% Gold Digger!

They wants to be around in the most happening places. All the glamour that exist around these places drive them crazy. They know you are used to this. They make every effort to grab the attention that they can in that kind of a social circle. Consider this another bait that they try to lay. In the process they expand their contacts so that even if you aren’t there, there will be plenty of fish to catch.


They will give you a good time in bed


Everyone loves sex that is done right. They will make sure they know what you like and will make that effort to give you a good time. Fall not for that trap. There is no love involved if you are under that illusion. They will make sure that you marry them so that they have their life goals fulfilled. They won’t really bother about feelings which they couldn’t care less about.  All they need is an ATM machine. Having found their best bet, they will make every cunning effort to make sure you stay.


Someone who truly loves you wouldn’t really be bothered about the monetary stuff. They have their spines intact and know that they can look after themselves. If you are already dating a gold digger showing either one or all these signs, you are in hot water and you need to make a quick escape as soon as you can.

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