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6 Signs that your relationship is fool proof!

6 Signs that your relationship is fool proof!

6 Signs that your relationship is full-proof!

Relationships can lose their sheen if things are left to take their own course without any effort. With time, people fail to stay invested in each other which is when your relationships develops cracks which widen with time. If you can prove yourself to each other that you do care with even the smallest gestures, you relationship will thrive despite all odds. When you love someone and want to make it grow each day, you will try and put forward your best self along with focusing on the very little things that make your partner happy. In fact, this should come naturally to you and effortlessly if you truly love this person you are with. [Read: 5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!]

6 Signs that your relationship is full-proof!

You might say a mechanical “I love you” everyday but if your actions don’t prove your feelings, your partner will feel unwanted and uncared for. This is why no matter how long you have spent with each other in the relationship, you should take the initiative to keep the spark alive and make your relationship full- proof. If you commit to showing these small gestures to your partner more often, your relationship will truly stand full- proof:


Embrace each other more often


When was the last time you hugged each other? If there has been a long gap, you have already missed out on sharing the warmth that you feel for him. Being close to the person you love and feeling his warmth with your head on his chest feels like probably the safest place on earth. When you hug your partner more often you show him that feeling him means so much to you and that you crave to be close to him as frequently as possible. That you appreciate the security that the sense of his presence provides. [Read: 7 Places where he touches you and what that means!]


Holding each other’s hands


The way you hold his hands says a lot about your feelings. Remember how it feels when you have to leave each other’s company and leave his hands? It feels great to feel that sense of belongingness that holding your partner’s hands makes you feel. For the onlookers it may look sweet, but for you it means a million things. It is another way of telling each other that you are there come what may. [Read: 7 Kinds of Non- sexual touches that bond your relationship]


Cuddle more often


Cuddling can feel great especially when you just can’t keep your hands off each other but still want to refrain from having sex. The sensations are pretty strong when you are intertwined and can feel each other’s heart beats. You stay completely secluded from what’s happening around you when you are in your partner’s arms and your stresses wipe away magically. [Read: 5 Ways to cuddle with a woman after sex!]


Texting often during the day


Texting can be a great way to stay in touch with your partner. You should be making that effort to know what is happening in your partner’s life. This is especially true when both of your see less of each other and you crave to be in each other’s company. Texting each other as often as possible shows that you miss your partner and you do care how they are going through their day. If your partner is dealing with tough times, you could lend a supporting hand by motivating them and cheering them up. This will show they that your partner’s happiness means so much you consider them important to squeeze out time from your busy schedule to stay in touch. [Read: 8 Texting games to play with your boyfriend!]

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Take care of him

6 Signs that your relationship is full-proof!

In a relationship, you are a team. You love each other too much to end your days with crazy fights that leave you so drained that you stop caring for each other. No matter what kind of physical or emotional issue your partner is going through, you should be there for your partner. Cook for him if he likes what you cook, bring him small gifts, pamper him just like you like to be pampered. These little things may not seem very significant but with time, you will understand the impression that such care created. The idea is to create a lasting impression on your partner’s heart no matter what you come across tomorrow. [Read: 6 Ways to show that you care without suffocating him]


Do things that you did initially


Remember those days when you were ready at a moment’s notice to see him once? You would be so excited to dress up for him and make him feel so desired! With time, you may have taken each other for granted. You feel like there is no need to put the efforts because your partner should accept you just the way you are without you having to justify yourself. Well, even if that stands true for your nature, you cannot belittle the importance of keeping the small gestures coming up to keep the romance alive in the relationship.


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