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7 beauty blunders – Which men do not like

7 beauty blunders – Which men do not like

On that special night-out with our date we take extra care to get ready but in our desire to look perfect we sometimes go overboard with our makeup. This could well turn against us as our man might not be that impressed by our efforts. To avoid this embarrassing situation it is necessary that we learn to tone down a bit and know what all beauty blunders to avoid, a few of which are listed below.

Glittery Eyes

Granted applying glitter to the eyes makes one look glamorous but ladies please go easy on it as over the top eye makeup is bound to scare off anyone, your date included. Apply glitter to your eyes in such a manner that it subtly enhances your look and makes you look pretty.

Too much of foundation

Applying foundation is a great way to even out our skin tone and hide our blemishes and ugly scars. But the urge to look fairer makes us apply excess foundation which gives us a ghostlike appearance. Girl’s trust us, men too want to see a real face with all its flaws and applying loads of foundation will surely not work to your advantage.

Too much of Mascara

Applying excess mascara can make you look artificial and made up which is surely not going to create the right impression with the man of your dreams. As such guys are not much interested in the length and density of our eyelashes hence go easy on the masacra and apply only that much as is necessary.

Dry skin

Everybody loves smooth and supple skin and men are no exception. Your man will definitely not appreciate a rough body, chapped lips and cracked heels. Women with dry skin need to take more care of their skin especially during the winter season. Regular application of moisturizers can keep one’s body hydrated and give a smooth feel to the skin.

Hairy body

A hairy body is such a big turn-off for men and men never fail to notice excess body hair in women. Body hair definitely makes for an unsightly appearance, thus it makes sense to be well-groomed at all times and more so when you are going out with your boyfriend on that special night-out.

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Chapped Lips

Your face might have been perfectly done up but if you have chapped lips then no amount of makeup will save the day for you. Chapped lips make one look unattractive and can turn off your man. Women need to take special care of their lips in winter as they dry up easily. Apply lip balm regularly to keep your lips looking and feeling soft.

Perfume overdose

Drowning oneself in perfume is a strict no-no when it comes to impressing a man. We are not asking you to stay away from perfumes but simply suggesting that you apply perfumes in moderation. A whiff of perfume can actually turn on your man and make him come nearer to you.

Therefore the next time you are getting ready for a party or a date make a mental note of these points and dress up accordingly. For makeup is meant to make you look beautiful and not scare away people. Right?

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