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7 Facts you need to know about quitting shampoo

7 Facts you need to know about quitting shampoo

quitting shampoo

quitting shampoo

It is very evident that the quit-shampoo movement is becoming popular. Not only the women across the world are quitting the use of shampoo but many leading health care experts are also recommending to avoid shampoos.

It may be bit difficult for a while

If your hair become too oily when you don’t use shampoo then you should be prepared for the greasy hair that can make your hair oily for few weeks. The leading health care experts say that the hair start to over produce oil when they are not shampooed each day. When your hair balance is restored you may start to deal with the plenty of buildup compared to what you dealt in the past. The time to restore the balance of hair differs for different hair types. Therefore, if your hair is damaged, it will take long time to restore the balance. For thick hair, it may take up till two week. If the hair are fine, color treated or broken, then it may need about a month to restore the natural beauty.

Extremely-Fine Hair May Never Rebalance

Unfortunately people who have super fine hair, the buildup of oil may always look like they have applied oil to hair. This is because the super thin hair are not porous as thick hair. Therefore, oils may buildup on the head making it impossible to restore the balance. If your hair are oily even after the month then you can use a natural detergent-free cleanser. You can wash your hair with the cleanser without reducing the natural oils. You can also mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of warm water and cleanse your hair with the mixture by gently cleaning the roots.

You should quite using other products

According to one of the health experts the reason you need volumizers or other hair products is that shampoo reduces the natural ability of hair to look good. When you quit shampooing and your hair balance is restored you may not need other products to recreate the balance for the dry, flat or frizzy hair because of the hard detergents. You may only need products to improve the looks for example hair spray to keep your hair in place.

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Brushing Redistributes Oil

If the top of your head is too oily then you should use a paddle brush. You can brush your hair from the root to end. It will redistribute the oil in the hair. That will bring deposits from the top to down and nourish the dry ends.

It may not be fragrant

When you shop for shampoos the fragrance can be a big factor in decision. When you quit using shampoo you may not benefit from the scent. Quitting shampoo may not make your hair small awful. It will make their scent natural. If you have difficult time in quitting your shampoo then you can wash your hair with a dilution of water and favorite essential oil. Like rosemary and lavender.

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