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7 Ways to impress a man on the first date

7 Ways to impress a man on the first date

7 Ways to impress a man on the first date

7 Ways to impress a man on the first date

Haven’t all of us been apprehensive about the first meeting with that guy we have had a long time crush on and always daydreamed about meeting him in person? And then finally comes the moment when he asks you out and all you can think about is getting your upper lip done and looking for the best outfit that works wonders for your figure. Well ladies, if you want a date where you both don’t get bored out of your brains ending up with this legendary customary statement “ this was great, we should do this again sometime ,I’ll call you”, you would have to do more than just arranging a beauty parlor appointment !

Be on time

I know we all our considered to take our own sweet time to get ready because hell yea we love that “oh- man-she-looks-gorgeous” look on their faces when we are walking inside the restaurant gate. But never take so much of time that you see a frown on his face looking at his watch instead of giving that awed expression you were looking for. Men are always looking for exceptions in a girl and would appreciate you if you value their time. This shows your daily habits and how seriously you understand the worth of someone else’s time.

Look into his eyes while having a conversation with him.

Keep a steady eye contact while interacting with him. Men like it when whatever they speak is being eagerly heard and shows that the other person is interested in his views. Don’t be distracted with the happenings around the room and leave the phone alone please, let the date be just about you two.

Ask him questions and be a good listener.

If you want to keep the conversation interesting and appealing to him, give him the chance to speak about his life, his dreams, likes, dislikes by asking him questions and engrossing him with his own thoughts. Trust me guys are tired of non-stop chattering of girls. Girls get so self involved with themselves that they forget that the person sitting in front is no longer interested in listening. A sure shot way of impressing a guy is by being a good listener.

Talking about your exes and personal problems is a big NO

How would you like if a guy you like can’t stop mourning about his last break up, where he cannot stop emphasizing on the fact that he can’t put his life together, or how he is unable to achieve his dreams ?It will make you fake a call or feign a headache just so that you get away from this sad loser right ? Same is with guys, NEVER talk about your problems on your first date ,unless he is a psychiatrist and you are sitting in one of the counseling sessions.

Do not be a showoff

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Men don’t like feeling inferior or less financially appeased from the women they are dating. Never gloat about your latest Gucci bag or what brand of dress you are wearing or perfume you are wearing. They are least interested and is a major turn off .

Offer to pay for the bill or dutch

Yes legend has it that men are supposed to pay for the food during that date. But gone are the days when women weren’t treated as equal and if you demand equality then do vouch for paying the bill too. And if he is a gentleman he will love to snatch that bill and pay for the night. Guys love it when a woman offers to pay. So let him see the responsible, unselfish and noble side of you !

Lastly, Do not seem desperate

So the date has ended well and you can’t wait to plan for the next meeting. So shamelessly you ask him if he liked you, or if he will call you tonight or you end up asking him to schedule the next meeting right away. Don’t show yourself to be so eager enough to make you look you are desperate. Keep a cool demeanor and a dazzling smile on your face, if he likes you he will call you, if he doesn’t it’s his loss!

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