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Love to eat out often? Beware of serious health issues!

Love to eat out often? Beware of serious health issues!

Love to eat out often?

Love to eat out often?

Eating out is a great way to finishing your salary even before half of the month and then going broke and ending up regretting. It is also extremely helpful in gaining weight and getting out of shape because restaurants concentrate on making money rather than making you thin. So, if you eat out every single day and have a great excuse for doing so, then let me break this to you that is indeed a stepping stone to serious health issues that no sane person desires. Food and health are very strongly associated and what you eat and how you eat directly affects your health.


You eat faster:

Restaurants all over the world make use of this clever strategy of playing fast music in their restaurants. The main objective behind is to make the customer eat faster and leave the place early so that there is a space available for their next customer. In reality, when you eat faster, it means you chew lesser and also more air enters your system. This fast eating without chewing will make you feel hungry even after a huge serving. Lesser chewing leads to slow digestion.

Poor quality of ingredients:

Love to eat out often? Beware of serious health issues!

Restaurants use poor quality of ingredients specially oil and spices in preparing food as it costs them less and they can keep more profit margin in this way. They are not interested in how devastating it is for your system. It is solely your responsibility to make sure you watch your cholesterol and blood pressure and ensure that you do not consume food with low quality ingredients that contain bad cholesterol and high amounts of sodium.

You eat more than required:

Unlike home, you cannot simply stop once you are done usually because you want to spend more time with your friends at the restaurant and in a bid to do so, you sometimes order more food and eat much more than you should. Over eating is the major brain damaging habit and not only leads to discomfort but also damages your brain leading to Parkinson’s disease. Other grave health issues associated to over eating are diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Processed food:

Love to eat out often? Beware of serious health issues!

Restaurants are never going to use organic food in preparing meals like you do at your home. They use processed food that cost them cheaper. Instead of organic food that increases your life, processed and canned foods are usually loaded with ingredients that increase their shelf life. Refined sugars and processed meat and flour are the major reason of chronic inflammation. Moreover processed foods contain GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms) which not only lead to organ damage and cancer but also cause infertility.

So when you make sure you eat at home then healthy food will save you from getting serious health issues and will be pocket friendly as well. So, do not ignore the connection between food and health and stay healthier and live longer!

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