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7 Reasons for delayed periods besides pregnancy!

7 Reasons for delayed periods besides pregnancy!

7 Reasons of delayed periods besides pregnancy!

7 Reasons of delayed periods besides pregnancy!

Getting your period regularly is both a blessing and a curse. But missing your period? Or getting it late? A horror! But don’t freak out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant unless you are actually trying for it. Of course, it’s a general tendency to suddenly think you are pregnant but it may not actually be the reason. These are the most common reasons for an absent period:

A change in your regular routine

Have you recently changed your routine? Or started a new job? A slight change in your daily habits may imbalance your body clock, especially your hormones. It takes a little time for your body to adjust to the change so is the case with your periods. So don’t fret over your period if you have just started something new. Give it some time.



7 Reasons of delayed periods besides pregnancy!

Stress has very unpleasant effects on the body like headaches, pimples, weight gain and a delayed period. Most of us do not know this but stress is the most common reason for a delayed period. Stress leads to the production of hormones- cortisol and adrenaline which in turn might affect the digestive and reproductive system as well as on your menstrual cycle.


Weight issues

A put on in your weight or loss in your weight- Both can throw off your ovulation cycle. Consuming a less than needed calories and nutrients, dieting may lead to a missed period. Same is the case of being overweight. Gaining weight if you are underweight or losing weight if you are overweight may help your period to be back on track.


Popping pills

7 Reasons of delayed periods besides pregnancy!

Popping new pills or changing the existing medication may also be the possible reason for a delayed period. But the impact of medicines on period is minimum, but it might happen. Sometimes if you have taken emergency contraception pill or the ‘morning after pill’ even that can cause a change in your menstrual cycle. So if you notice that you have skipped your period even after medication than that doesn’t mean you are expecting. It just might be the pills but a visit to the doctor might be a good thing.



Being sick at the time when you might normally ovulate can delay ovulation. Even a simple cold can affect our period though such cases are very less likely to happen. So you do not have to worry about your delayed period. It will most probably return to normal once your health is normal.


Excessive workout and exercises

7 Reasons of delayed periods besides pregnancy!

If you have started a new intense workout session or have been working out even when you are ill, then that might be the possible reason for your missed period. Do not over do it! Engaging in an extremely physical activity sucks up all your energy and your body doesn’t produce enough estrogen to complete the menstrual cycle. So you should slow down your workout routine.

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Thyroid, PCS or other issues

If you have serious reasons like thyroid, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome then even that might be the cause for irregular periods. These are some serious issues and consulting a doctor for this would be a good thing to do.

Now you know all the possible reasons your period might be MIA. Next time you miss your period- try not to be emotional and don’t jump to conclusions until you are sure about what actually the reason is.



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