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8 Reasons To Consider Weight Training

8 Reasons To Consider Weight Training


You might have been doing a myriad of activities just to lose that extra flab that bothers you. Exercise is a no brainer and the most sought after option to achieve a healthy BMI. Nonetheless, most trainers will advise you to consider including lifting weights. Now, these are the most noticeable benefits of weight training that will not just make you happier but also make your body thank you.

  1. If you want to indulge guilt free into foods that you love, lift weights. Studies show, that muscles built as a result of lifting weights improve the overall body metabolism. It will ensure that your body mass is fat free.
  2. Weights also help you fight depression much like running and swimming. In fact, study conducted by The Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in 2004 revealed that those women who ran and those who lifted weights showed similar results of fighting depression.
  3. Weight training is especially useful for women who naturally have thinner bones as compared to their male counterparts and with age, the density of bones dangerously reduces. This brings up the issue of osteoporosis. When bones are stressed as a result of lifting weights, deposits on them automatically increase.
  4. Weight training also enables you to get better at any kind of sports you indulge in. Not just your dexterity, your reflexes get better in the field.
  5. The National Institutes of Health has revealed that training in weights can help you lower your risk of developing the disease by 34%.The World Health Organisation has predicted that diabetes will be one of the most leading causes of death by 2030. Along with maintaining a healthy diet and cardio, weight lifting can help you fight off diabetes by effectively managing blood glucose.
  6. It also improves your Heart health. Strength training can tremendously help in lowering your blood pressure. You can consider not depending on medicines if you life weights regularly and start quite early in life.
  7. Sitting for longer periods of time can wreck havoc on you back and cause back breaking pain. Exercising you hip muscles by concentrating on your body weight and slowly increasing the challenge by lifting weights can help you resist the negative effects of being a couch potato.
  8. With age you tend to fall off balance. Regular weight training can help you stabilize your muscular movements and avoid injury.

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