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8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

When it comes to parenting, it is the few little things that can make the difference. Everyone has once been a child and has known the pressures parents put on them. Yet when they themselves become parents they do the same mistakes their parents did. Don’t you think it’s time you change your parenting style a bit as per your children’s needs? Nope, you are not a terrible parent but what am trying to say is that there’s always scope for more improvement when it comes to parenting.

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

For the betterment of your bond with your child makes changes in your style of parenting. Often parents forget that a child is a person of their own. They have their own purpose to lead by. Of course, they are your children but remember they are not you. You have to give them space. You have to stop expecting them to turn out like you. You should stop forcing them to lead their life by your principles. If you do then your children will start wilting under all the pressure and they’ll somehow find ways to escape from your clutches and never return.

Here are a few things you can do to build a better child and parent bond and change your parenting style

Don’t Hover Too Much

As parents, people think that it is their duty to know what’s going on their child’s life. Due to this thought process, they constantly try to poke their noses into the personal lives of their children, which is good only to a certain extent. Stop butting heads with your child when he says it’s his life because, to be honest, it is.  Know when to give space to your child and respect their space. Don’t hover too much into everything they do. This way you’ll earn more respect in their minds for yourself. If you don’t then your child will start finding ways to hide things from you just because you don’t give them space in whatever they do.

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

No one is perfect, not even you regardless of what you think. Moreover, people learn when they make mistakes. So stop correcting your child even before he/ she makes a mistake. Sometimes it is okay to assume a back seat and watch them make mistakes or watch them stumble because that’s when they’ll learn. Emotionally too it is good for the child to learn disappointment in life. If not, he’ll grow up thinking life is perfect which it is not. You can’t hold their hand and guide them in every walk of life. They’ll have to pave their own ways in future. So change your parenting style and let your child make mistakes and learn from them.

Be Aware Of Comparisons And Labels

This might be the worse parenting mistakes you do. Never and we mean it, never compare your child with other children or with their siblings. You have to learn and recognize what affect your actions and reactions have on your child. Your child might naturally be shy but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk, you as a parent should realize it and try to encourage him to be more social.

Another thing to be noted is that among siblings, comparisons always leads to labels. It might create complex between your children. You might have labeled your son as an athlete just because he participates in sports and praise him for that. While this is good for your son, your daughter might think she isn’t good enough and will always fall short when it comes to praising and stuff. If this is what you have been doing then it’s time you actually change your parenting style.

Give Your Time And Attention

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

One thing most people miss out on in their life is their parent’s time. Parents get so busy earning a living that they forget that their children need love and their time too and not just the material things. One of the main things which have to be included in your parenting style is giving your love and attention to your children. Make sure you bond over some hobby or even game with your child which is your special time with your child. Even though your parents might never have done this with you and that’s your cue. Don’t let your child miss this experience in their life.

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Walk The Talk

If you haven’t noticed, kids have this habit of learning things you never intend to teach them. Why is it so? Well, it’s due to the fact that they keep an ear out on everything we speak and do. You may not even know it but you are teaching your baby something as and how every minute passes by. From the way you talk to the way you react to the different situation, your kids adopt it from you. That is why you need to be careful of whatever you do in front of them. Even when they are playing or doing their own thing besides you and still they’ll grasp whatever you do while you think they are not noticing it. Change a bit of your parenting style and from now on be aware of what you do in front of your kids.

Don’t Get Mad Instead Look Beyond Their Behavior

Children are going to mess up once in a while. They are going to break a rule which is going to anger you and make you mad. But it is not okay for you to lash out at your child for his/ her misbehavior. Try and think beyond their bad behavior. Your child might just not know how to control their emotions and you being a parent have to teach them that instead of yelling at them. If you are one of those few parents who do so then change your parenting style. Adopt a calm exterior while talking with your child. Ask him/ her why he did so instead of making assumptions. Be more understanding and suggest them what they can do instead.

No One Knows Your Child Better Than You Do

8 Ways To Change Your Parenting Style And Have A Better Child And Parent Bond

And that’s why you need to be a custom fit for your child. There might be so many parenting advice floating all through the internet but are all of them right? Maybe or maybe not. Don’t blindly follow the advice you receive. Trust your gut. Don’t do what all parents are doing just for the sake of it. But do it because you feel it is right for your child. As a mother or father, you know what your child is like and you know best.

Embrace The Change

Your child is not always going to love painting. He/ she is not always going to be an introvert. By the time, he/ she might actually start going out a lot instead of spending their weekends on the couch. You shouldn’t panic about it thinking they are doing something wrong. No, understand that your child is no longer an infant or toddler. He/ she is growing up. Your child is not only growing by inches but internally too. He is becoming mature. He’ll deal with things in his own way and not in the way you thought him too. It is time for you to embrace the change as well. Grow and broaden your horizon along with your child.

These are a few ways you can change your parenting style and have a better bond with your child than before. Have something more to add? Feel free to comment below.

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