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Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

A stress free life is the most important factor that can have great significance on pregnancy. Expecting mothers are advised lots of rest and peace of mind for the proper development of the baby growing inside. If you remain under constant stress during pregnancy, it may affect your baby adversely. It may cause both physical and mental abnormalities in your baby. Let’s find out some superb stress busting techniques for pregnancy:


  • Find out some time to rest:

I know it is very difficult to rest in today’s world when everybody is on a run but pregnancy changes your life and you need to adjust your daily routine to have a healthy pregnancy. So, when you are running out of energy, it’s absolutely ok to say ‘no’ to daily chores or take help of others, even if you have time to do it. If you have time, devote that to rest and nothing else, if you are feeling exhausted. At office too, you can find out some time to relax during the lunch hours.


  • Healthy diet:

Good diet has a positive effect on mind. If you eat well, you may be able to combat stress more easily. Foods that contain vitamin B can increase anti-stress hormone in the body. Also, if you keep yourself hungry for a long time, you’ll feel more drained and stressed as an impact of it.


  • Yoga:

Yoga is not only beneficial in toning your body; it also relaxes your mind and also prepares you for an easy labour. Get help of a trained yoga teacher or yoga dvd’s but only practise those methods that are safe during pregnancy. Make the instructor aware of the fact that you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor to find out, if it’s safe for you to do yoga. Some complicated pregnancies may not allow this


  • Relaxing therapies:

You can also some try some relaxing therapies like massage, aromatherapy, meditation or deep breathing techniques etc. Meditation is the easiest way to relax and fight stress. All you need is some quiet place to sit and few minutes to relax. If you like to have a massage or go for aromatherapy, always go to a place or find an attendant that is experienced in treating pregnant women. Some massage techniques and aromatherapy oils are armful during pregnancy.


  • Devote time to relationships:

Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

Share your feelings with family members and friends. Get useful tips about pregnancy and babies from experienced elders or friends who already have babies. If something is worrying you, speak your mind out. Pondering on things during pregnancy is not good for you and your baby. Spend lots of quality time with your husband and enjoy each moment. If he is not available, be in company of someone whom you are attached with. Call your mother or a friend to live with you for some days.


  • Be true to the doctor:

Your doctor can prove a great supporter and a friendly figure at this time. Share your concerns and worries with her. Don’t hide anything that you find not normal or suspicious from your doctor. She can better find out what’s right and what’s wrong, so instead of stressing for everything without any reason, get it confirmed with your doctor.


  • Talk to your employer:

You may be planning to talk leave only a few days before the due date. In such a case talk to your employer, if you can go to home a little earlier, so that it is possible to avoid rush hours. You can also talk to your employer, if you can work from home during pregnancy.


  •  Plan your pregnancy:

Instead of taking stress about money matters, it is wise to plan how you will manage the increased expenditure after giving birth. You and your husband can plan things out so that you do not live under constant stress about how you will bear the expenditures in future. You can also borrow some useful things from your friends and relatives that do not need it anymore after their babies have grown up. Some things like baby cloth napkins, small clothes, first toys etc. become useless after some months and they can be borrowed, if available


  • Have Fun:

Make your pregnancy stress-free: Top 10 tips

Pregnancy doesn’t mean illness. If you have a normal pregnancy and your doctor allows, visit your friends often, go to cinema, shopping malls, go for a holiday with your husband and have fun as you used to before getting pregnant.


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  • Be prepared for the birth:

Collect lots of positive information about giving birth. Some special classes prepare you mentally for this. Don’t live in the constant fear of giving birth. Information will make you confident. Read good books or join antenatal classes. Web is also a good source to gain knowledge about pregnancy. Just be sure to collect information from reliable sources only.


Don’t forget that what you think has a direct impact on your baby, so it is very important to be in a good company. THINK POSITIVE!



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