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Are you beautiful? Watch #ChooseBeautiful by Dove

Are you beautiful? Watch #ChooseBeautiful by Dove

Are you beautiful? No? Watch #ChooseBeautiful by Dove.

How many of us (women) think we are beautiful? No, I am not asking you to check out your wardrobe or make up. I am not even asking how slim or curvaceous you are. The men that you are dating or a “successful marriage” are both irrelevant parameters to analyse this anticipation. A soaring career might elevate your sense of pride but does it make you ‘feel beautiful’? Nah.

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I think feeling beautiful could be a state of mind just like happiness. Of course a good job, stable financial standing or amazing spouse contribute their share of happiness in our lives but that’s not all. It is up to us to be happy from the innermost core of our being even in good days and bad days. Such should be the state of ‘being happy’ and so is the case of ‘being beautiful’.

Yes. To be beautiful is a choice, our own choice – #ChooseBeautiful. Sadly based on societal standards, women have let others or the society at large decide whether they are truly beautiful or not and that is pathetic. An acne on your forehead or a flab of fat around you midriff doesn’t make you any less gorgeous only if you choose to accept yourself in the present form and believe that you are truly and perfectly beautiful in all ways. Is that elephant task to make such a choice and house such a belief in your heart? Well that’s what Dove tried to convey in their #ChooseBeautiful video.

There is a reason why parents, irrespective of the “looks” factor still find their children beautiful – to restore the same feeling in their children. It’s self confidence and courage to stand up for oneself (even if alone) sprout the feeling initially; not physical appearance, branded clothes, cosmetics and accessories or a suitable job profile as we usually assume. This may not be empowerment but could be one of the many factors that define it.  I wish there were more siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers, and neighbours in the global community who supported this notion.

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For a moment let’s set the high talks of feminism or women empowerment aside. Let us take a moment for the individual self and inspect the choices and its results that our lives have gathered so far. How would it have been if we had chosen ‘beautiful’ in the many occasions of the past? Why didn’t we walk through the many ‘Beautiful’ doors that we had come across?

Hey don’t feel bad. The ‘Beautiful’ walkway is still open and there are many more to come.

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