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Are you happy ?

Are you happy ?


With the lightning fast speed of life, the busiest of people around and the most messy relationships entangled in each other, life today has become more of a monotony than something worth living. Women who are working, or looking after homes tend to overlook and ignore the intention of their life. Most of the women, fall prey to a regular routine that involves eat sleep and work phases on a repeat mode.

Looking after kids, preparing lunch and dinner, heading to a job and completing tasks is common! But in the midst of all this, she forgets to ask herself, ARE YOU HAPPY? Are you joyous towards your life?

Are you a healthy mind?

Are you doing what you like?

Or do you like, what you are doing?

Are you rejoicing your existence ?

Sheena(32), is married for 8 years now and has two kids. She used to be the most charming and talkative of girls during her college years. A vibrant student with the best of art and singing capabilities. She won various awards and shields for the same. She got various offers from art galleries to put up her beautiful paintings.

Today she is a very sober bank worker who heads to office after preparing lunch for both her kids. Gets back to home, only to get their school work done and head towards kitchen and sleep. Some days back, she visited a doctor after continuous headache. To her utter surprise, she was diagnosed with acute depression.

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She was very repulsive about it and laughed it out.

The reality was, she was depressed!

We do not realize, but not being happy is not normal. Just existing is not normal. You are created to bloom, to be cherished, to react and respond. You must move in sync with nature and kill the monotony.

Try out these simple steps, if you can relate with, even a little :

  • Meet new people. Make friends. Talk it out. Your inhibitions, your dreams everything.
  • Take a tour. Plan a small trip with your loved ones . A 2-day trip will refresh you easily.
  • Walk in evening. Or morning or night. But take time to get into nature’s beauty.
  • A 10-minute mute in the night before your sleep. Plan your day tomorrow and analyze what went good today .
  • Exercise! Nothing can beat it!
  • Read books, positivity blogs and forums. Get in touch with positive people
  • Get in touch with your hobbies! Whatever that you like!
  • Pray! Praying relieves you off stress and works wonders.
  • Maintain a diary. Write down what you can’t express and share with anybody else.

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