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Beauty Products – Natural vs Processed

Beauty Products – Natural vs Processed

Beauty Products

Natural products are very common in India and recently India has a seen a lot of people going back to the basics and opting for natural products over processed products. The reason for this is simple, the processed products use chemicals and natural products are chemical free. You get to go back to nature and recipes of ancient times.

There are a lot of factors to consider when going organic though, following are some major ones:


There are two types of natural products, the organic packaged products and stuff like Neem leaves, you can get from a tree nearby. The cost of the organic packaged products is way higher than processed products and they are not always affordable. The natural products you can procure from a nearby plant yourself are the cheapest option.


In terms of convenience, the processed products win hands down. They are packaged in order to make using them super convenient for the buyer. Applying the products is easy and you can go just straight from the box. Natural products will require preparation. The recipes need to be gauged carefully depending on your body and skin type. These things can go horribly wrong if you get the recipe wrong. There are plenty of natural remedies available online though.

Sensitive Skin

Like mentioned before you have to be very careful about what product you use and it will depend on the type of skin you have. If you apply processed products to sensitive skin, it might lead to a reaction. Most people with sensitive skin tend to prefer natural products as they are milder and don’t have chemicals.


Availability of natural products is a big problem because, not every locality will have a Neem tree just planted in a park. There are other products that are also not very easily available. You can get them at specialty shops but, they are also very hard to come by. It is important to see what kind of a city you are living and what locality.

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The effect of the natural products is much more potent than the processed products. The natural products are fresh and they have no preservatives. They are not packaged and are used right after they are made. They tend to be more effective and sometimes natural remedies are better, as processed products take a much longer time to take effect.


This is a very big factor against natural products. They tend to stink a lot. The smell of natural products is nothing close to a fragrance and they cannot be let out of the house. Processed products on the other hand are very pleasant smelling and can be worn anywhere.

Natural products are better if they can be found and made at home easily. Though processed products have an advantage of being approved for use by health inspectors, they take a long time to take effect. Natural products are the better option, though only till they are available.

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