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Men Should Learn From Women

Men Should Learn From Women


Women have always been the victim of gender inequality. Her education, profession and even their personal achievements have always been overshadowed by the tags of ‘biologically weak’ ‘fair gender’ or the ‘delicate creation of nature’.

There are different other capabilities that a woman is capable of doing, and her biological framework doesn’t effects it in any way. If you too have been listening this over and over again, then next time shush them with these qualities the nature has provided the women with.

No commitment phobia

A woman is more tolerant towards a relationship than a man. Ever seen her getting stressed about maintaining a relationship or continuing one? She gives her best to keep a relationship and stays committed until and unless her partner gives up. She is a keeper, love and relationships are not a challenge for her.

Great with finances

Women are usually great when it comes to savings. They don’t spend rashly and believe in saving for the worst times. Remember how your grandmothers always had a piggy bank, which turned out to be the savior in the distress? Yes women have the best hand with money or else why all the ancient mythology would consider women as the goddess of wealth. The pot of wealth is not where the rainbow ends but when she starts taking care of the finances.

Amazing Multi-tasking capacity

The best example of this multi-tasking capacity in women is our mother itself, she is on her toes right from the morning till her loved ones are off to bed. Managing multiple works at one time is her specialty.

Great memory

Women often lament over the fact that her husband or partner forgets the tiny details about their life and dates of important events. Well for the men it is not your fault at all, she was born with a sharp memory. So, next time when you forget something ask her, she has all the answers to your forgetfulness.

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Women are expressive

Women have the overwhelming capacity to be expressive. The water that she sheds form her eye is a method of expressing her emotion. Men often retaliate that she is over enthusiastic and over emotional, but the fact is that, this is how she communicates.

She is known for her stress handling capability

Men tend to get weak when in tough situations, but a woman becomes stronger in the time of crisis. It is believed that a woman performs better in tensed and stress out situation. So, next time when you see yourself stressing, ask the women in your life for solutions.

She is not weak and never was, if you are a woman and you think that you are any less than the men around then do remind yourself the benefits you possess. So, for that capable woman in you charge up and get down to business, we all know you are the best in whatever you do.

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