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Why Do Babies Vomit?

Why Do Babies Vomit?


Vomits and burbs are very common with babies and might owe its allegiance to different reasons. Babies tend to get affected easily due to many reasons like, milk allergy or the transformation from the breast milk to normal milk. Vomiting is very common in babies with developing teeth. Not all kinds of vomiting are a situation to stress about. Normally, babies burp and vomit after they eat to release the air which clots around in the stomach.

There different petty reason because of which a baby tends to give out the food or milk they eat. Too much crying and even car sickness could be one such reason.

There are different conditions behind suchfrequent vomiting like,

A disorder

The normal disorder might be a regular fever, with common cold and wet nose. If your baby doesn’t seem to eat properly then also it could be reason for frequent vomiting. Conditions like infections in the ear, throat, and stomach elevate vomiting.

Stomach illness

It is very common among young children; they normally need time to get accustomed with different foods. Babies easily develop gastritis and indigestion to which vomiting could be the result. There might also be the development of bug and bacterial formation in the stomach owing to which they might vomit.

Diarrhea is another condition which is very common among the little ones. In such a condition vomit and stool excretion could drain out the energy out of them. Always keep the solution of ORS close at hand to infuse the required hydration in them.


Due to the non-development of the muscular valve in the food pipe, the babies tend to burb and give out the food they eat. But this condition generally fades away with time as they grow up. Follow certain measures like, burping your baby after feeding, allowing them to sleep without a pillow and feed them in short intervals.

If the situation doesn’t goes away then it is best to consult the doctor and get medicines to solve this problem.

See Also

Cow milk

If your baby has stopped feeding on breast milk and have started to take cow’s milk then sometimes it might be the reason for vomiting. But every time this is not a sign to worry. If you find out different allergic symptoms or loss of weight, then immediately stop the cow’s milk and opt for a consultation with your physician. Ask the doctor for an alternative to the cow’s milk, as milk is very necessary for their growth.

Pyloric stenosis

This is a possible medical condition that might pop up in the baby within a few weeks. The muscle directing the stopcock leading from the abdomen into the guts condenses so much that it doesn’t allow the sufficient exposure to let the food into the bowel. If you find such a condition in your baby then it is advised to ask for doctor’s help immediately.

Vomiting is not something to get stressed so easily but if it persists for a long time then a doctor’s consultation is always important.

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