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How to Become Physically Attractive?

How to Become Physically Attractive?

become physically attractive

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. As true as that is, you still need to capture the eye of the beholder. One should never underestimate oneself because of how they look. But that doesn’t mean that the value of physical beauty is any less. Not only does it help get the romantic attention of men, but also helps build an image when it matters. Everyone is physically beautiful. All that is needed is to play your strengths right. Physical beauty isn’t just about having a pretty face. Your overall personality contributes to the impression you leave on people when they see you. The question that remains is, how to become physically attractive?

become physically attractive

Take Care of Your Skin

Every time I hear someone ask “How can I look more attractive and beautiful?” I first examine their skin. I have been through the ordeal of having a bad skin. After my teens were over, pimples still troubled me. A dermatological treatment of 6 months helped me get rid of acne. Following that, my appearance has changed drastically. Puberty is the hardest because of all the damage acne does to your skin.

If your pimples continue after puberty, contact a dermatologist. Every skin problem needs to be taken care of. More importantly, consume a balanced diet so that your skin retains its glow. No amount of makeup comes close to a healthy skin. pollution too can be very damaging. Thus, it is important that you follow a cleansing regime that removes all entrapped impurities.


Looking good has a lot to do with your body posture. No matter how well you are dressed, a slouch can ruin it all. If you slouch you will certainly attract attention. But it won’t be the kind that you are looking for. If you stand with a slouch, be mindful of your posture. Standing with your back erect at all times makes you look graceful. So, even if you have a short height, you will tower above everyone else. A perfect posture adds to the elegance of your appearance. Note how much effort is put into postures by the Royal family of England.

Appeal to the Senses

appeal to senses

I used to think that perfumes are for those who don’t bathe. While that is true for deodorants, wearing a scent adds to your physical appeal. Your persona should not just appeal to the sense of sight, but all five senses. Wear a perfume whenever you go out. For regular use keep a single scent that becomes your signature. If you sweat excessively, then that makes wearing a deodorant more important.

Keep your skin moisturized. I have met many women whose hands feel like they were working in the fields. I would have had great respect for them if they actually did that kind of hard labor. But they were just ignorant to the needs to their skin. Use Johnson’s Baby Oil, if you have very dry skin. In other cases, a good body lotion for your limbs, hand, and feet, works well.

Talk politely and gracefully. Our voice has been given to us. But we can always use it in a manner that appeals to those we speak to. A woman who speaks like a lady will always catch everyone’s attention. Modulate your voice if you feel the need.

Finally, the sense of taste. Imagine yourself in a situation where your date wants to kiss? Other than your kissing skills, he’ll remember the taste of your lip balm (or your mouth if things go that far). Wear flavored lip balms and always keep your breath clean. Keeping mints in your purse at all time helps with this.

Focus more on Symmetry than the Amount of Make-up

Make-up can make anyone look good. But how do you get the best look especially when you don’t know how to put make-up on? You see, the most judicious use of make-up is not applying a lot. It is using the least but making it count. Use these tools to bring symmetry to your face. We all have features we wish looked better. That is what make-up can help you with.

If you have small eyes, use dark Kajal to make them look bigger. Highlight your cheekbones. Use your make-up in a manner that compliments your natural look. Don’t go out of your way to draw something that wasn’t there. For example, heavy eye-brows look good on Cara Delevingne, because she had them in her genes. If you don’t then it is only going to make you look horrible. Work with what you have. Make it stand out.

Wear Clothes That Compliment Your Size

When you dress to impress, you probably often wonder, “What physical traits do guys find attractive?”. The answers that you will get to that question will vary from waist to hip ratio, to attractive voice. And all those things are true. What these answers won’t tell you is that you don’t need to have all these traits to look physically attractive. Identify your best feature and work on that. So, when shopping for your wardrobe keep your body size in mind.

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Buy clothes that fit perfectly. Too loose or too tight ruins your whole personality. Next, think about the physical feature that you want to bring out through the dress. If it’s your waist to hip ratio, let’s say. Then buy something that fits your waist area perfectly. You don’t need to have a great fashion sense. All you need to know is what looks good on you. Men rarely care about fashion sense. They are more interested in how you look when you wear something.

Wear Your Confidence

Let’s face it: confidence is sexy. It’s probably the sexiest thing you will ever wear. Your insecurity will show in your personality. So, no matter how hard you work on the appearance, it will still not be enough. Ever seen a celebrity wearing the worst dress look insecure? They all make it seem like they wore it best. That is the kind of attitude you need to carry all the time. The more confident you are, the more intimidated men will be. If you are the most graceful woman in the room, then that intimidation works like magic. Fake confidence if you don’t have any. Sometimes even faking it can help you get ahead.

Groom Yourself Regularly

groom yourself to look good

Looking good is not a one-time investment. You need to be regular. If you complain about that then you aren’t serious about being physically attractive. In which case, there is no help for you. If you are a person who prefers to not have hair on her body: get waxed regularly. Moisturize your skin every day. Exfoliate at least once every 2 weeks. Get a facial at least once every 2 months. Invest more in skincare than you do on make-up. A woman who keeps herself well-groomed always looks attractive. The difference between you and the others becomes stark on a daily basis.


Everyone can look good so long as they know how. More importantly, you need to be ready to invest the time and work that goes into it. Even the most blessed of us, who are born with perfect looks, need to invest that time. Don’t let what you can control make you feel bad about yourself.

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