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Younger and firmer looking neck – Top 6 ways

Younger and firmer looking neck – Top 6 ways

It is seen that women, in general, take great pains to take care of their skin, especially their face but they somehow tend to neglect the neck area. Few of us know that the skin on our neck is actually thinner than our face thus it requires greater care. It is also a fact that the skin of our neck is the first to give away our age, hence it needs extra care. Well we don’t mean to frighten you but it is a fact. Given below are some tips which will help you keep your neck looking young and firm for a long time to come.

Stay away from harsh soaps

We generally wash our face with a mild face wash as we realize that the skin on our face is very delicate. The same hold true for our neck as well as the skin of our neck is actually far more delicate than our face. Soaps containing harsh chemicals are harmful for the skin hence these must be avoided at all costs. Instead, you can use a gentle face wash or a shower gel on your neck area.


Exfoliating is an essential part of our skin care regimen and the same applies for our neck as well. Go for a mild toner and exfoliate gently for not more than 4 minutes. Post exfoliation, you can apply  a sunscreen lotion with good SPF properties.  At night remember to apply a night cream on your neck as well to keep it soft and supple.

Use make-up Remover

When we apply make-up we generally forget to remove it from our neck. This is a very wrong approach as makeup left overnight on the neck can block the pores and cause fine lines to appear.

Massage the Right Way

Our neck too needs a massage every now and then but one must know how to massage properly in order to get firmer looking skin. Always massage in upward strokes starting from the base of the neck and go up slowly towards your face. Never apply excess pressure and do not go for crisscross movements. 

Home Remedies

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Give your neck a nice massage now and then with these wonderful ingredients which are easily available at home. You can apply a pack of mashed almonds and milk or a paste of pumpkin once or twice a week to get a smooth neck. A honey and egg white pack is a great way to get rid of those fine lines on your neck.

Use Proper Oils

Every now and then you should give your neck a proper massage with oil. However any oil wouldn’t do. Use lighter oils such as olive oil, eucalyptus oil or rose oil which are very good for the skin on your neck. Heavier oils such as coconut oil and castor oil should be used sparingly. 

Although you can resort to surgery to get a firmer looking neck we suggest you to follow these simple tips to get a smooth and firm neck which would completely belie your age.

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