Benefits of sleeping nude

benefits of sleeping nude

Too hot this summer? Sleep naked! Yes, there are benefits of sleeping naked too.
Some of us are completely oblivious to the fact that going to sleep nude has a list of physical, mental and sexual advantages. By the end of this post, you’ll never consider sleeping clad again.

Why you should sleep nude?


  • A Good Night’s Sleep

    When you sleep nude, the temperature of your body changes on its own. Before you sleep, if you dress yourself in too many coverings, you might end up waking up, all damp and hot. This happens because your body temperature is hindered from fluctuating normally, causing you to wake up even before you have had enough rest.

  • Put off Weight

    Who would have thought that sleeping would ever help us reduce weight?
    Have ever slept naked and woken up and felt lighter? Like, you’ve suddenly shrunk an inch? This is because sleep speeds up the metabolism rate. Sleeping naked helps you have a sound sleep keeping your body cool, which in return, results in the high metabolism rate helping you put off weight faster.


Also, when you sleep, your body releases cortisol and other hormones, which help you sleep better. But here’s a warning: if you oversleep, you end up releasing more amounts of these hormones, resulting in a greater craving for food the next day.

  • Boost your Sex-life

    If you live with your partner, that’s good enough reason to sleep naked every day anyway. Not only does nakedness lead to more intimacy between the two of you, but also releases oxytocin in your brain. This decreases the pressure and anxiety, reducing the stress level, making you two feel closer to one another.
    Intimacy and feeling more closely connected will only result in better sex and more sex.

  • It Even Makes You More Charming

    Sleeping nude helps your body release anti-aging hormones and wearing too many layers restricts the proper release of hormones like growth hormones, etc. If these hormones are not released properly throughout the night while you sleep, your hair and skin will not be reconditioned.

  • Genitalia Need Room to Breathe

    Your private parts need room enough to breathe as well. Your health will improve if you let your reproductive organs take in fresh air.
    Bacteria grows in damp places, where no fresh air penetrates. Women should sleep without panties, in order to avoid such bacterial growth. Read on about feminine hygiene here.
    Men can let their testicles out and sleep, which will keep it cool underneath, resulting in greater fertility and enhanced sperm quality.

Sleep is very important for our health, peace of mind and external appearance. So being well-rested will automatically result in a better lifestyle. Therefore, never neglect sleep. And as Dalai Lama puts it,

‘Sleep is the best meditation.’

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