BIBA Campaign – Change Has Already Started

BIBA Campaign – Change Has Already Started

BIBA Campaign – Change Has Already Started

Brandmovers India, came up with the idea of a campaign addressing the issue of dowry system in India. On International Women’s Day, Biba launched an extension of the Change The Conversation Campaign.
Biba is an ethnic apparel brand that has started many unique fashion trends in the indo-with-western-touch apparel line.

Its latest ad sends a powerful message on gender prejudice in arranged marriages, directed right at the root of the cause. A spellbinding digital film on dowry system, an issue which still bothers our present society.


It focuses our attention to the mentality of the older generation, who still continue to believe that dowry or marriage portion is every groom’s inheritance on account of merely being a man. This ad shows a middle-aged couple who have just sought the hand of someone’s daughter to marry her with their son, and a grandmother who asks about dowry. The reaction of the father to this, has left the audience amazed.


As the father asks for his fifth cup of tea, the grandmother thinks out loud, saying that these days, people find their spouse over the internet. Back in her days, things were different. Then she signs, and says, ‘Anyway, it doesn’t matter.’

The father asks her to open up and tell him what’s bothering her, looking concerned.
Then she says that nothing’s the matter but admits that during her time, they would talk about dowry during marriage fixing.
To this, the father shrewdly responds saying, yes they did talk about ‘taking-and-giving’…Jewellery, car, 10 lack rupees… ‘I thought we have to give some more…’

When the grandmother cuts him off and asks, astonished, ‘Give?!’

He answers smiling, ‘They are trusting their precious daughter with us. We owe them at least this much.’

The grandmother couldn’t help but agree, just like the rest of us.


The first campaign showed a change in the daughter’s family, whereas, this campaign has portrayed a change in the groom’s family. It subtly hints that change is penetrating. The minds of people are opening up to new ideas and rational thinking. That these age-old practices like dowry, child-marriage, etc. hold no relevance in today’s modern world.

The film has been attached below for you to enjoy and be a part of this Change.



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