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Challenges you face while blogging

Challenges you face while blogging


There are lacs of bloggers in India and gazillions around the globe. Be it blogging for fun or doing it professionally, every blogger must overcome mighty hurdles that are frequently thrown in his way. First of all, kudos to all the professional bloggers in India, whose annual income is a six digit number, perhaps more. Their only source of bread and butter is their blog and it takes strong will to leave a permanent comfortable office and rely on something that might leave you helpless tomorrow. Whatever it is, bloggers have shared their precious insights on a variety of things and they still continue to do so. I have also been blogging since a year and honestly, it is surprising how you get attached with people without seeing them. Besides, it is amusing and fun! So start with this little activity, if you haven’t already! Who knows you might make loads of money out of your blog? I’m going to share with you some of the major challenges you face (or will face) while running a full-fledged active blog.

  • What should I write about?

Every blogger who is just about to set his foot in the blogging world face the challenge of deciding a niche. Will it be about fashion? Or makeup? Or food? Or travel? Or is it going to be my personal diary in which I’m going to note down everyday events? If you’re writing on behalf of a business, the area of interest is more clearly defined. But for individual bloggers, it is difficult to decide and settle on an area of interest. A single topic will shut down scalability while too many areas will turn the reader away. So carefully chalk out your areas of interest, your writing style and pattern. If you aren’t comfortable with writing on the area you’ve decided, you can change it and start afresh.

  • I can’t think of nothing!

If your major concern is writing quality content, do not hesitate penning down everything you know. With dedicated practice and regular reading, you will automatically develop quality content. The most difficult thing is to get started and once you do it, everything falls in place.

  • Will I face Writer’s block?

Whether you agree or not, a writer’s block is real and real scary. There will come a time in your blogging life when you will feel you have covered all the areas you knew and published every tiny observation you made. This is going to b your worst time ever! The only thing on your mind, during that time will be to give up! When I faced a writer’s block, I didn’t develop any content for weeks. But after taking inspiration from my blogger friends and reading their blogs, I took up the courage of resuming my blogging activity. I got my creative juices flowing and it relieved me to know that it wasn’t the end of my world. I could still write! If you face such bad days, take a break and try to write something simple, like a note on how was your day. Even if what you write feels subpar, keep writing.

  • Are readers interested in my blog?

Building traffic is one of the main concerns of a blogger. It is a nice thing to expect viewers and readers on your blog but it feels worse when those expectations sink in some vast ocean! Writing without reading gives you the impression of talking alone. Readers will be interested when you write something worth reading. And even if you write mind-wrecking content, it isn’t guaranteed that traffic will pour in. A blogger needs to have patience. Yes, your blog will generate traffic only if you write better and wait. When I first started my blog, there were two readers who visited my blog and they were none but my friends. In spite of that, I wasn’t frustrated and I didn’t delete my blog. I didn’t let discouraging thoughts (such as “I worked so hard to write this and all what I got is two readers?”) enter my mind because I was mighty prepared for it. I continued writing and apart from my friends, folks started appreciating my content.

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  • When will I make money?

Once you’ve established your blog into a popular website, with consistent traffic and a number of readers, you will look forward to monetizing your site. You will find ways and means to advertise your blog. This is easy if you pledge to dedicate time and effort to your blog and your blog generates good traffic. This is difficult if you started your blog a few days ago and you’re hoping to hop on monetizing your blog.

Blogging is difficult yet easy. Vexing yet pleasing. It is a rollercoaster ride in which you have to keep your eyes open to enjoy all the fun!

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