The science behind falling in love


The phenomena of sweaty hands, nervous strides, lopsided smiles, hesitation in voice and higher sex drives can be co related to the stimulus of falling in love. Eating a chocolate, doing something that you love, or falling in love is a complex process that releases a set of hormones that influence this behavior. If you were ever in love, you obviouslyknow how amazing it can be, if you learn about the mechanism of falling in love, you would probably fall in love with the science behind it.

The hormones behind the feeling :

The hormone dopamine is released in large quantities, which again increases the testosterone level in blood, which makes men and women feel love. But for women, it is still a little more intense; hormones like phenylethylamine and norepinephrine control the feminine mind. The women feel a sense of euphoria and focus more on the man they love and desire (making them clingy and possessive, but men, sit back and relax, if your woman is whacky and annoying, she just loves you too much).

Men and women feel agitation, alertness while waiting for a text message and often experience lack of sleep when in love. Oxytocin is the magic hormone that makes you get addicted to your partner. It is released mostly while cuddling and intimate moments. That is why you miss your partner when he or she is not around, because you probably desire more of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the “let go “hormone, which lets you loosen your guard and completely feel comfortable with your partner. This hormone is the basis of everything you feel in love.

The different types of women and their response to love:

The combinations of all these hormones create the loop of love which acts on the brain as a drug and influence human behavior. But then psychology of the woman dominates it all. Psychologists call it the attachment molecules and these molecules predict the kind of behavior the lady has towards her man. The first kind is the secure kind, this woman is safe. She won’t ever do weird things to get your attention. She is enormously independent. She won’t nag and crave for attention and things are balanced and sorted for her.

The dismissive women

The dismissive is the second type. She closes herself into a shell and fears that some boy is in love with her. She encloses herself as soon as she realizes that someone loves her. She might have feelings for you, but she won’t express them.

The fearful women

The third kind is of the fearful woman. She must have had a traumatic childhood which makes her feel unworthy of all the love and attention that she is given. She is damaged extremely and is scarred for life, and in all probability she won’t recover or bask in the love she is given.

The anxious women

The fourth is the anxious kinds. She doesn’t fall in love, but is simply obsessed with her lover. She has a slight inclination of possessing a low self-esteem, making her weak and vulnerable.

The complexity of women

But then even after you have mastered all this, you must know that a way to a woman’s heart is complex. She may love the way you talk, you walk or probably she enjoys how you plainly look into the horizon. Or she may not like you at all. A lady can be unpredictable, slightly delusional and confusing at the same time. To know her best, see how love works for the two of you. Spend time with her and learn about her. And even if you do not succeed in wooing her, you will probably spend a few lovely hours which you will cherish for the rest of your life. And who knows, you might just get lucky… Happy love hours…


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