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Eye makeup – beauty diaries ideas

Eye makeup – beauty diaries ideas

Eye makeup - beauty diaries ideas

Confused about the kind of eye makeup you should be wearing? Here are the different trends of eye makeup that you could try.

Eye makeup - beauty diaries ideas

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Metal maniac

It’s not about playing safe when it comes to makeup this season. Internationally, colours like grungy greens and bronze precede the regular peaches and browns. I tell you more.

Glorious grunge green

Sported by the likes of fashionistas such as Freida Pinto, the grungy green metallic eye makeup is your best bet to update your look this festive season. To get this look, line your eyes with a green liner pencil that gives a sparkling effect. Smudge it into your lash line, drawing a flick at the corners for a cat eye. Finish off with a sweep of jade colored shadow on the lids, diffusing it from the lashes up to the brows to create eyes that are smokey, with a twist! To intensify the look, you can even dampen your makeup brush before dipping into the shadow for a creamy effect.

Pucker up with purple

Eye makeup - beauty diaries ideas

The new staple to go out donning this season is a purple hue with metallic undertones that flatter all skin types. On a night out with your girlfriends, opt for a metallic purple eyeshadow with shimmery hints. First, apply some concealer on your eyelids to keep your eyeliner from running while also making your eyeshadow last much longer. Smudge the shadow along your lash line and opt for a light mauve for the inner corners of your eyes. Next, add a thin line of a gel-based liner and tons of mascara. Looking like the diva you are beautiful!



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