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Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

Silver screen beauties are the epitome of perfection. Whether it’s about their wardrobe, lifestyle, fashion statement or hairstyles or just a new pet, they are always on the limelight. From head to toe, they are being watched and scrutinized for every minute detailing of their look and attitude. As the Bollywood divas are essentially the trendsetters of this country, they can never escape the media eye. Since the black and white era, hairstyles of celebrity heroines have always been the talk of the tinsel town. Whether it’s the yesteryear actress Sadhana’s famous haircut to Sharmila’s oversized bouffant, celebrity hairstyles have created history a number of times. Here, we are going to discuss about such most popular Bollywood hairstyles.

Sadhana Cut

She was famous as the charming spirit of 60’s made quite a few timeless fashion trends with her fitted churidar and attires. But what became a rage nation-wide was her side fringe loosely inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday style. She flaunted this hairstyle in Waqt for the very first time and it became history.

Karishma’s Poker Straight Hair

Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

Raja Hindustani gave birth to a new Karisma Kapoor, more polished, well groomed sans those bushy eyebrows. Her poker straight hair became a trend that is still trending as most of the young ladies now flaunt completely straightened hair like her. Even, the actress herself still follows this straight hairstyle since then.

Sharmila’s Bouffant

This is one of those hugely popular hairstyles followed by Bollywood’s top heroines during the ’60s. But it was the dimpled bong beauty who made bouffant an iconic hairstyle since 1965’s Waqt. It soon became a trend which most of the Bollywood actresses from Waheeda Rahman, Mumtaz to Saira Banu, Hema Malini. Till date, whenever people try to portray a retro look, bouffant becomes the obvious choice.

Preity’s Kal Ho Na Ho

Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

This bubbly beauty always experiments with her hair. She seems never scared to try out new hairstyles in her every film. But what is still considered to be her best is 2003 Karan Johar blockbuster Kal Ho Na Ho‘s straight, shoulder-length, deep U cut hair. It went on to become a rage among the young girls.

Dimple’s Sagar Style

This seductress actress wooed her fans with her unconventional beauty, perfect figure and luscious mane. In her great comeback film Sagar long after her blockbuster debut Bobby, she flaunted auburn tresses which instantly became the hairstyle of ‘80s. As she is naturally gifted with great hair, this style added more volume to her mane.

Madhuri’s steps

Bollywood Divas and Their Popular Hairstyles

The Dhak Dhak girl has conquered the nation for her thousand watt smile, her looks, her charisma and her dancing moves. But if you want to know what her trademark is apart from that heart-melting smile, everyone will say it’s her steps. She is still loyal to those curvy steps she opted for during her initial days. No wonder, she still makes people go weak over knees with that hairstyle.


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