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Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Breast Cancer Myths Busted

breast myths busted

breast myths busted

Cancer is a dangerous tumor. Breast cancer is caused due to cancerous cells of the breasts. Is may be caused due to sex, alcoholism, giving late birth to children or not at all, unhealthy habits, physically unfit bodies, early menstruation, obesity etc.

Females are very concerned of the myths carrying cancer and believe them without cross-checking the facts. So here are the many myths surrounding breast cancer and the corresponding facts.

Myth 1: Wearing a tight bra causes cancer

Truth : Bras have nothing to do with cancer, tight or loose, underwired or not. In fact, bra protects the breast from slouching and becoming weaker. So if you think sleeping with your bra wont do you any good, you’re wrong.

Myth 2 : If your family history has cases of breast cancer, you many get one too

Truth : That’s false! Out of 100%, only 5%-10% cancer issues are heredity. Those are also caused by abnormal transfer of genes from parents to kids.

Myth 3 : Caffeine causes cancer

Truth : Coffee is a source of antioxidants and it is often linked to causing breast lumps in women who are heavy drinkers. So if you’re an average coffee drinker, there’s nothing to worry about.

Myth 4 : Breast products causes cancer

Truth : No! Breast implants and enlarging products do not cause cancer. There is nil or little evidence pointing out directly to a product. We live in a world of cosmetics and chemicals so naturally, care has to be taken while using them.

Myth 5 : Females with larger breasts are at a higher risk

Truth : Size has nothing to do with cancerous cells. If you are alcoholic or do not perform adequate exercise, you are bound to be affected by this deadly tumor, irrespective of the size of your boobs.

Myth 6 : Breast lumps causes cancer

Truth : 80-85% lumps found in breasts are non-cancerous. 10% people with breast cancer do not show cancer signs such as lumps or pain.

Myth 7 : Breast cancer is contagious

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Truth : Breast Cancer is not contagious. There is no evidence that intimate relationships between victims and healthy people causes cancer. So you shouldn’t try to stay away from cancer patients.

Myth 8 : Men cannot have breast cancer

Truth : Men can get breast cancer, too. One in every 1000 men run the risk of developing breast tumors.

Myth 9 : Deodorants are responsible for breast cancer

Truth : Again, there is no scientific evidence suggesting the same.

Myth 10 :Nothing can be done to minimize the risk of cancer

Truth : A lot can be done! Most risks concerning cancer comes from environmental factors and sedentary lifestyle. You can exercise regularly, eat healthy food etc. to lower the risk.

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