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Buy good sunglasses – Top 5 tips

Buy good sunglasses – Top 5 tips

Black, brown or even green, there is variety of shades available in the market. They not only pump up your style but also protect your eyes from the harsh rays of sun. Choosing just the color and shape of a sunglass is not the only important aspect that you should look into while buying shades but there are other lookouts to be taken into account.

Here are some of the important considerations to follow while going out for a shades shopping.

Buy good sunglasses – Top 5 tips

Get the shades with UV protection:

The foremost important concern to look into while buying a shade is UV protection. There are different people who just for the sake of buying a sunglass opt for the same. But the truth is, only buy sunglasses that guarantee complete sun protection. After-all sunglasses are primarily supposed to provide sun protection, isn’t it? It is best advised to buy sunglasses from reputed brands as they guarantee complete sun protection.

The lens quality:

Sunglasses that are cheap in quality have a major problem and that is poor optical length. Wearing a sunglass that doesn’t give away clear vision leaves chances that you will experience discomfort after using it. It is best recommended to get sunglasses from good optic brands and at the same time consult with your ophthalmologist for a better understanding.

woman-422706_1280Check its fit:

While choosing any eye gear it is very important to check the fitting and firmness. If the sunglass tends to get wobbly then it is not the right fit. Also make sure that the nose and ear portion of the sunglass doesn’t hurt you in the process. Avoid sunglasses that are too tight, opt for a medium fit sunglasses, as it lasts for quite a long time without producing any pressure on your face.

Check its Sturdiness:

It is very important to choose the durability of the sunglasses. Polycarbonate and NXT polyurethane lenses are a great choice when comes to durability. Choose metal frames over fiber, as they last longer. Getting a good quality sunglass will help you get a protection for longer duration without changing the same frequently.

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Understand the brand value:

Branded eyewear speaks for itself. Making a choice by the discount a company offers or a shade that costs pretty low than the usual can pose problem for you in the longer run. There are different kinds of brands available in the market like, Ray-ban, Diesel, Tom Ford etc.

sunglasses-384567_1280Face shape is important:

Sunglasses should be chosen based on the kind of shape a person has. Big frames look good on people with oval face and aviator glasses are great for round faced people. Another thought to keep in mind is the color you are choosing, just because somebody looks good in green glasses doesn’t mean you too will look good in the same. Brown and grey shades look good on everybody, irrespective of the face type.

So, next time when you are out to shop for sunglasses, keep such considerations in mind. Pep up your style with a pair of shades that suits you the best.

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