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Catch up on sarees and their different styles

Catch up on sarees and their different styles

Popular Indian Sarees for Elegance

No Indian women feels complete without her saree. A variety of sarees are available in the markets and each season brings new variety and colors that meet the trends and style. Indian sarees are considered as the essence of regional and cultural diversity. The popularity of these sarees is not just limited to Indian region; in fact, it is popular worldwide.

Just to catch up with those who do not know…Saree is a six-meter cloth, which is wrapped around the body. Majority of people believe that it is different from other clothing that highlights the beauty of women. Every state and region has its own unique design and style of sarees that are exported throughout the world. Sarees made in India are quite exceptional, even though this dress is also worn in countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Different Styles and Variety of Sarees

From Kerala to Kashmir, Sarees come in different textures, design, fabrics and style. As mentioned earlier, each Indian state has its own way of representing cultural values that are portrayed in patterns. They can be obtained from Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Banaras Sarees

Banaras Sarees are popular among all other sarees. It is highly popular among brides and with different patterns and styles, there is nothing more stylish, that one can wear on her wedding. The elegance of Banaras saree includes fine patterns along with the inner or outer edge of the border. These patterns are also known as Jhallar that appears like straight leaves. They are quite expensive as these are woven with golden threads and require plenty of time to finish a single piece of saree.

Kota Doria Sarees

Kota Doria Sarees are also very popular and knit in pure lightweight cotton. These sarees are very popular because of their unique fabric, which is also transparent and beautiful. Kota Doria Sarees are suitable for summers and bring elegance and attractiveness to women of any age.

Kanjevaram sarees

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It is one of the most popular South Indian Sarees and there is no other to stand by its side in silk sarees. These attractive silk sarees are knitted with silver threads immersed in pure gold. They are very expensive and durable as well. They are exported and popular around the world. One of the outstanding features of Kanjevaram sarees is that these comprise of a thick silk base. Mostly, peacocks and parrot themes are common designs available on these sarees.

Konrad sarees

Firstly knitted from Tamil Nadu, these Indian sarees are also called as temple sarees. The Konrad sarees were conventionally knitted for the temple divinities. Nevertheless, these days it is one of the most widespread wedding wear sarees offered in different perky shades and designs.

These sarees are popular all over the world and can be obtained either from online stores or through local stores. Normally indian women wear a saree as a formal or informal dress. These days younger generation does not wear sarees in India yet it has not affected the popularity of this dress.

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