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10 ways to live your live – and get mens’s respect

10 ways to live your live – and get mens’s respect

When is the last time you went out of your way to do something that made your Significant Other proud of you? Now tell me, how many times you felt proud to have a partner like your SO? Or, how many times you have wished that your SO will do something that will make you proud? So you know pride is a very important thing in Love. Not every pride has love in it, but every love always has pride in it. If you cannot find a reason to be proud of that particular person, you probably would never have fallen in love with him at the first place. Remember that feeling, that urge you have felt when your relationship was just started? How much you wanted to show the world the treasure you just got! That proves the importance of pride in love. But in the course of time, we often start taking the relationship for granted, mostly unknowingly; and we stop making conscious efforts to make our SO feel good, special or proud.


So if it’s been a while you have done something that in turn made your partner proud of you, it’s time to do that. How? Read these 10 ways –


  1. Make an identity of your own: So that he can proudly associate himself with your name just like you do. Moreover, he will have ‘something’ to tell about it while introducing you to his friends, family and work associates.
  1. Earn your living: Guys love girls, or shall I use the word ‘respect,’ who earn their living. You are an educated, grown up girl. So there’s nothing to be proud of if you still live on the pocket money your parents give you. So paying your own bills makes you respected in the eyes of your man.
  1. Be independent: Not only financially, but in true sense of it. Guys love to see when their girls take a matured decision about life or career or anything important. It does not mean that if needed, they will not give you advice; but they just feel proud to be with someone matured enough to deal with life.
  1. Be a responsible and sensible citizen: There’s so dearth of it that not only your SO but anybody will feel proud about you.
  1. Join a cause: Join the organizations which are trying to make this world a better place. Not only will that make his chest swollen in pride, but you yourself will feel great about it.
  1. Achieve something: It can be an ‘employee of the year’ award or the tag of ‘great photographer’ by your friends, even the little achievements will make him feel proud of having a partner like you.
  1. Be a good human being: That says it ALL.
  1. Be yourself: That means you accept yourself the way you are, you are confident about yourself and that makes you a prize catch.
  1. Do not change yourself with the world: Or with the time. Remember, he has fallen for the old you.
  2. Have trust in him: That’s a quality he will respect in you forever.
  3. Show the qualities of a good parent: Because, at the end of the day, that is all that matters. He would love to see you as the best mother than anything else


Hence, by living your life you are actually giving him the reasons to be proud of you and he will give you the same as a return gift.

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