Aam Lassi Slush

Aam Lassi Slush – Mangoes, curds and fresh mint leaves are all the ingredients you require to make this refreshing slush. Serve it along with a

Achari Baingan

Achari Baingan is one of the most delicious methods of cooking brinjal or Baingan. The achaaris masala is very popular in Punjabi cooking and contrary to

Cashew Curry

It may sound odd and rather lavish to use cashews as a main ingredient in gravies, but because of the abundance of cashews in the

The Bharleli Vaangi Recipe – Small brinjals stuffed with a sweet and spicy,  peanut flavoured mixture drawing out all the authentic flavours of Maharashtrian cooking.

Anjeer Basundi

Traditional anjeer basundi makes use of dry anjeer, which is high in calories and fat i have used fresh anjeer (figs) to make this recipe