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Dos and don’ts before hitting the gym

Dos and don’ts before hitting the gym

the do's and don'ts before gymming

the do's and don'ts before gymming

Here are a few things you should do and should not do before your work-out session begins. So keep in mind these precautions before you head out for the gym.


  • Power-nap:

The do's and don'ts before gymming

You can take a power nap, for 30 minutes before you hit the gym. Set an alarm, loud enough, so that it wakes you up at the completion of half an hour sharp.
You must not sleep for more than 30 minutes, as you will wake up all groggy and sleep-deprived because you mistook your power-nap for a night’s sleep.


  • Pre-warmup:

The do's and don'ts before gymming

As most instructors advise, that one must warm up before the intense work-out session starts, nowadays, experts say otherwise.
They say warm-up stretching does harm instead of any good. It exposes the muscles to the dangers of pulling and cramps.
Instead, you can run, swim, jog or even ride a bicycle to warm and loosen up. After which, you can stretch or gym without fretting about straining the muscles.


  • Steady workout:

The do's and don'ts before gymming

All High-Intensity Interval Training will do is wear you off, as it requires double the energy and stamina than a steady workout session, and amounts to pretty much the same level of output.
Instead of high-intensity workout sessions that will tire you right at the beginning and keep decreasing your stamina thereafter, you must concentrate on a stable, steady cardio and use a constant amount of energy on all the other set of exercises as well.


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  • Say no to binging:

The do's and don'ts before gymming

Stop indulging yourself in excess amounts of food, beverages, and alcoholic drinks. Too much of anything is bad for health. If you eat excessively, you are bound to gain weight. If you drink too many bottles of Diet Cokes per day, you will still put on more weight. And alcohol is a no-no if you don’t want that belly bulging out.
You must practice abstinence.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink lots and lots of water, and abstain from alcohol and Mc. Donald’s!

  • Natural

If an individual eats his proteins, minerals and vitamins properly, he/she does not need supplements to enhance their body or reduce their weight. These weight-loss tablets and supplements that promise you a physique or figure to die for, are nothing but chemicals that might affect you adversely sometime later in the future. It’s always better to avoid these.
But in case you feel like trying it out, don’t abuse it. Taking excess amounts will not give you Bradley Cooper or Gigi Hadid’s body overnight.
Hope you enjoyed this post! #StayHealthy #ExerciseDaily



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