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Dove unfolds the latest concept of beauty

Dove unfolds the latest concept of beauty

Dove unfolds the newest concept of beauty

 Dove unfolds the newest concept of beauty

The concept of beauty is a dynamic one. Beauty not only lies in beholders’ eye, it is found in the aura of talent also. New advertisement of Dove has simply exemplified this dynamic concept of beauty by releasing a small ad-film. Here beauty of a woman has been explored from a different angle; in fact from the point of performance, from the point of urge, integrity, and determination to reach the zenith.


About the advertisement video

In this small video advertisement film the note starts with our well know childhood days’ rhyme. Here kids are singing the rhyme on the background of the video. It is one of our most popular childhood rhymes ‘Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin…and immediately we can recognize that we are praising that princess like ageless beauty we always admire. But here comes the tweak.


Girl power in sports

Dove unfolds the newest concept of beauty

On-screen we start seeing some invincible sports freaks, who are practicing hard so that they can snatch success for their team, for the nation, for the country. They are in Team India. These girls are not aware if they have chubby chicks or dimpled chin. But they have fire in their hearts and they are determined to achieve success.

The concept of traditional beauty is shaken here, in fact the focus of Dove’s beauty soap campaign is deliberately set in a different pitch that says that talent is beauty, hardship is the harbinger of beauty, as well as determination in life is a beauty that makes a real performer. The background music is found playing in high pitch and these sunshine girls are performing even better to grab the success for honoring nation.


How Dove ad message is different,

None of these sunshine performers are gorgeous with curly hair’, ‘eyes so blue’ and ‘rosy lips’! Rather they are found bloodied, injured, sunburned, clad in sweat and mud as they play wrestling, hurl a shot put, try complex gymnastic maneuvers, or try playing hockey. But these girls are performer, diligent, talented, but down to earth! These girls are like Mother India, industrious, dedicated, and serious in their own objective.


Beauty is hidden in performance

Dove unfolds the newest concept of beauty

But, what’s about “chubby cheeks” and “rosy lips”? Being asked one of them replies, “No” and that keep us startled. We gradually start believing that instead of orthodox beauty, we need more human face and enthusiasm for doing something new. We gain the power to appreciate and adore these sports freaks and we sing the song of youth.

According to statistics, Dove’s social media campaign named as #ChangeTheRhyme is widely appraised and it has got higher on the video sharing platform. Since last Wednesday evening, the article has been viewed nearly 600,000 times on YouTube since 8th August.

The message is clear: this advertisement is not for praising the stereotyped standards of beauty. The video supports excellent reflection of ladies who are busier in shaping their performances.

Let’s give these women their due credit. They remain illuminated by their natural talent which is their identity.

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