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Everyday Blow Dry Mistakes – Top 5

Everyday Blow Dry Mistakes – Top 5

Who doesn’t like new styled hair? Each and every women has that dream of getting bouncy and perfect envious locks and in the process ends up using a blow dryer. Aching Wrists and dissatisfaction with those frizz need not be the only earnings of blow drying your hair but there are other common mistakes you are making by doing the same.

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Here are 5 everyday mistakes you can avoid while blow drying:

1. Blow drying without sectioning the hair

Snapping your head down and quickly blow drying your hair won’t do you any good, other than leaving you lightheaded or woozy, it would leave you with a bad blow dried hair. Keep a hook cut or duckbill cuts close to your blow dryer, section your hair evenly in different amount, clip them and go on blow drying with a single section one by one.

2. Wrong handling of the brush and blow dryer

Yes, wrong handling of the brush and blow dryer is a mistake you are doing every time you dry off your hair. A wrong handling of the brow dryer will leave you with a smoking and lifeless straight strands. The first thing that should be taken care off is the type of brush used for combing, it is best to use wooden brush with wide strands for easy detangling.

There is also a method of holding the blow dryer like, holding the brush horizontally to the vertical positioning of the hair brush will give a clean bouncy effect to the hair rather than the plain one.

3. Blow drying wet hair


It is always advised that hair should not be blow dried when it is too wet as applying heat to the crow wet hairs will leave it dry and under nourished and the endless money you waste on your daily hair products will come to no use. It is better to start off blow drying once the hair gets away with the excess wetness and after getting rid of the tangles. In this way there is less chance of hair breakage.

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4. Too hot dryer

The heat setting of the blow dryer should always be taken care off, a hot blow dryer could lead to smoking up your hair and leaving it lifeless. Roots are the tender part of the hair and too much heat in the root portion could lead to severe hair breakage, so it is thoroughly advised that less heat should be induced in the roots followed by a gradual increase towards the tips.

5. Keeping the blow dryer fixed

A fixed position of the blow dryer in a single place is dangerous for the hair as excess heat at a single spot leads to damage. A constant movement of the dryer over the entire hair helps in obtaining an even dry.

These are some everyday hacks which can help you to avoid the damage done to your hair with the blow dryer in a daily basis. Though is advised by the hair experts that blow drying is not a good option for your hair and should only be done when needed. So, go on apply these methods next time you bloe dry.

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