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Festival, Open-Air or Garden Party – Boho Hairstyles fit everywhere

Festival, Open-Air or Garden Party – Boho Hairstyles fit everywhere

Whether for a festival, an open-air concert or a fancy garden party:  Boho hairstyles suit you women in every summer location.

The fashion world right now cannot do without the Bohemian look, which is referre    d to only as ‘boho-chic’, its short form. Ethno patterns, oriental prints, feathers and flowers: The boho-chic is inspired by the style of the 60s and the cheerful hippie look of the 70s. Also the Gypsy culture influenced it. Quite obviously.

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(Festival, Open-Air or Garden Party – Boho Hairstyles fit everywhere)

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According to the casual look of flared pants, maxi dresses and floral blouses also the hair needs to be done with the boho look – decorated with feathers and flowers. Done quickly and very practical in the summer: Colorful scarfs with Paisley pattern would be worn around the head.

A real boho girl would of course be wearing colorful flowers in her hair! Matching flower wreaths can be found in different sizes and colors. One also can get attraction to his boho hairstyle when ornamenting  it with pendants and feathers. It will be a guarantor for envious glances at the next party.


The latest craze in the boho scene is the so-called ‘Hair Tapestry’. These braided styles remember the little colorful braids from the 90s. When doing the ‘Hair Tapestry’ style one does not just take one strand that is wrapped with colored yarn, but actually a wide section of hair which is woven into a braided rug. Not really suited for your daily life , but at a party or a festival a guaranteed eye-catcher.

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Well, have we raised the hippie in you? Just let yourself inspire by the casual boho hairstyles.


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