Five tips to smart shopping!

Five tips to smart shopping!

Five tips to smart shopping!

Dear women,

We know you love shopping. You love buying all the stuff that you see, like and want to hoard. We know you have a tough time over splurging on clothes, accessories, makeup and footwear, of course! And still you end up with a lack of something or the other, when you want to get ready for a party or day out. Trust us, we totally understand. And we want you to buy everything that you dream of! Just act smart and do some smart shopping. You will end up with savings or some extra goodies for yourself, if you follow our tips down here!


Shop at sale :

There maybe events when you can’t help but make a fresh buy, but try and use your shopping during off season sales. Invest your money in clothes and stuff, for the next season. This way you will not have to buy them on fresh prices and you can buy two instead of one! Also when you buy for a specific amount, you get a specific amount of rebate back in your account or as concession.


Cash-back sites :

There are certain websites that offer cash back mainly on many other shopping websites(affiliated to the cash back website), if you log in through them. The cash back is transferred to the bank account after you collect a certain amount of money and request to receive it in your account. These websites are easy to use as you just have to make an account and shop through it’s gateway to the other website.


Monthly funding :

Why not create a monthly fund or an installment that you will spend on your personal shopping! Always spare some amount of money and save every month so as to collect a bigger amount at the end of a semester or an annual period. Use this money to do surplus shopping when the sale hits your favorite stores.


Referrals :

This is all about using your social circle. The more people you know, the more you can refer. Refer and earn schemes run on most of the shopping websites. Under this scheme, you have to invite other people, friends and acquaintances to join that particular site. As soon as that person builds an account and shops with that website, you get a certain amount of prize money or gift coupon from the website. Such programs are a great way to earn concessions or discounts. The best part is, it is easy and both you and your friend benefit from this scheme!



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