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Experiment in Delhi – video shows people are cruel

Experiment in Delhi – video shows people are cruel


A shock video shows how cruel people can be. A million views in a few days: This video shocked the Indian web community. A man stands on a busy road, here in India, in Delhi. His head, his arms, his white shirt, all is stained with blood. He obviously is in pain as he is crawling on the floor. He asks motorists , pedestrians and passers-by for help – they all turn away.

Varun Pruthi article

The actor  has uploaded this shock video at YouTube. There is no documented case of emergency, but an experiment to show how people in Delhi respond when someone is in an alleged emergency situation.

This reaction is very sad. The people are passing by carelessly, eventhough there is a man that apparently is seriously injured. No one helps. Even ambulances will not stop

“Have we become so inhuman?” Pruthi asked at the end of his film.

The movie’s purpose is to remember the young student that died at age 23. His fate made the keadlines worldwide in December 2012.

In New Delhi, six men raped a woman several times – in a moving bus in the middle of Delhi! The men tortured her with iron rods. When done, they threw the body of the student on the road and left her with her injuries.

As in the movie, that was also a moment when no passerby would have the courage to help. But the press, especially also the international newspapers, were outraged. Thousands of Indians went on the streets to demonstrate. The young student died twelve days later in hospital.

Varun Pruthi now wanted to test whether this drama has since then awakened people. But apparently nothing has changed. This is sad, actually even terrifying.

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In the comments to the video hundreds of YouTube users  were very upset about the lack of moral courage. But it is also easy to jugde in front of a screen.  Many admitted, more than calling the emergency they would not be ready to do neither.  One reason stated was, that there is the fear of consequently getting into contact with the police and then to be perhaps made responsible.

In India, a woman is raped every 29 minutes on average. Usually  no one is punsihed though. Is there something wrong in our We think, Pruthi thinks so and he wants to draw attention on that very issue. Thanks, Pruthi – keep waking us up!


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