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Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

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A trend is set by imaginative workings of an innovative mind. People are stuck to the routine and find no way out until a mind finds a way out and inspires people around it with creative approach. India is rich in its culture and tradition as well as innovation when it comes about dress designing in particular and fashion in general.


Indian women have sense to adore the beauty and to absorb it. For centuries their traditional attire kept the other women’s eyes mesmerized but now they have a rebellion at their doorstep. With the evolution of Indian values, women have found place not only in houses but in offices as well. This change has however challenged their centuries old tradition to dress in a customary way and now they are confused as to what should be their choice; traditional and beautiful dress or trendy and fashionable yet comfortable garb.


Talking about their traditional way of dressing, one has to admit that Indian women have vast variety of dresses from sarees to salwar kameez and ghagra choli. Sari comes first as it is the most favourite apparel of Indian women. From the corporate elite of India to middle class women and from lower middle class to those living in slums, sari is everyone’s favourite. Every distinct region of India has its own style in saree and all of those are made of different materials such as cotton, silk or chiffon.


Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

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Salwar Kamiz is the next best traditional option for Indian women. This was chosen under influence of Islam or cultures of Persia, Turkey and Arabia. Salwar is a pair of loses pajamas held together with a drawstring around the waist. Salwar kamiz is to be complemented by a dopatta, which is long unstitched cloth to cover a woman’s bosom.
Third most favourite of traditional dress is ghagra choli. Ghagra is a long skirt beautifully embroidered with threads, beads or mirror work. Choli is a closely or tightly fitted woman blouse; some cholis can be fastened at back with thin strings.

Indian Fashion: Traditional vs. Trendy Fashion

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Now that was a very brief account of all those traditional dresses which Indian women wore since ever and certainly they didn’t have much choice. Same is not the case anymore. With the dawn of 21st century likeliness of an Indian woman being seen working in fields or at home is as much as watching them working from corporate sector to government offices. They had to be a little innovative to meet the challenges which working women do meet in respect of choice of dress and design. Patiala salwar and long T-Shirt is one of those trendy dresses that Indian women especially young girls love to wear these days.


Then to spice up the modernization some of them like to wear fashionable kurtis and leggings, which keep them at ease while they are wandering in college lawns or working at offices. Apart from this extremely comfortable dress, which leaves less space for tradition than comfort, many ladies are seen with a beautiful contrast of tradition and new trendy comfort. They have started wearing classy trousers with blouses of vibrant colours.

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Some have even moved to totally western attire just to boost up their ‘oomph factor’. They would dress in a pencil skirt and fitted blouse to show the lustful curves of their young bodies. A woman wearing such a dress and a thin-heeled shoe to compliment her appearance, would certainly rock wherever she would go, be it office or university.

I would conclude by saying that dress is something limited by someone’s imagination. India women are rich in imagination and innovation. We can see as much diversity in their dresses as in their cultures. While some shall go for a silk embroidered saree to look more Hindi or traditional, some shall love trendy apparels, which are beautiful, mix of tradition and comfort. How do you want to dress? This is only limited by your own imagination.


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