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Inspiring the world with her beauty – Ritu & others

Inspiring the world with her beauty – Ritu & others

Inspiring the world with her beauty

A few months ago, I had an opportunity of attending an exhibition where beauty was profoundly showcased on the smiling faces of acid attack victims. Aren’t we all craving for the face which would turn heads as we walk through the street, to make men fall in love with our faces and simply feel attractive? Some of you might even feel you are not attractive enough, the nose is too long, the lips are too thin and that newest pimple is the major reason of your depression. Trust me I have been the victim of this endless quest of flawless beauty as well, till the day I saw pictures of these women. Till the day I talked to one of these utterly beautiful women.

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These remarkable women, who transcend darkness to enter the realm of light by the invincible force of their will, are glorified in their daily struggle for life’s lessons and the courage they represent. Looking at their happy, carefree faces in the pictures one would simply have a realization that our problems are nothing in front of their struggles, that one should learn from these women how life is actually lived. These incredible women show us that things can be the other way round only if one has the eye to see that the glass is half full and not half empty.

One of the women with whom I had the chance to chat, was with the 19 year old acid attack victim Ritu. “I am so happy to see my smiling face on the wall, I feel beautiful whenever I look at it!” said a 19 year old Ritu, an acid attack survivor. And I couldn’t stop myself from wondering, how can this lady be so happy with what she has and make the world look at her with admiration. And I found my answer in that picture. No, it wasn’t the scar on her face, it was not sympathy and it certainly was not some pity which attracted people to her face. It was the light in her eyes and the smile on her face. It was the confidence which showed the world that she isnt afraid to show her scars, infact she loves her every imperfection and her acceptance towards reality which she is simply inspiring for every woman in the world. She is an eye opener for that woman who is silly enough to think she is not beautiful because of some birth mark or a scar made due to some unfortunate life experiences or simply because she doesn’t have the perfect set of lips.

There are a lot of women like Ritu, who have flaunted their beauty to the world and not once used a scarf to cover those scars. So why are we so afraid to show our imperfections to the world? We need to learn from these women that imperfections which are caused naturally or unnaturally, are a part of who we are and it doesn’t matter if you have added numerous layers of makeup and surgeries to hide them, if you don’t feel you are beautiful from inside, you can never convince the world for the same either.

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I will always admire that lady because guess what I did when I looked at the mirror, I looked at my face and smiled instead of worrying about the new pimple on my forehead.

Lastly I would just say, do not call anybody ugly and do not let anyone make you feel ugly, especially yourself! Ciao!

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