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The 5 simplest fashion tips – Fashion in India

The 5 simplest fashion tips – Fashion in India

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The 5 simplest fashion tips – Fashion in India:

Fashion forecasting is not a pie baked instantly, it takes time. But, you can employ some of the best tips to give your personality an exclusively appealing outlook. Don’t be edgy and get the glam look by applying below listed fashion tips.

  1. Buy the most suitable not fashionable:

Fashion today is all about looking hot and sexy. Indian women especially who belong to working class don’t welcome this norm which is more favorable for Indian celebrities like Deepika Padukone, here in the picture. Always get the stuff according to your budget and body shape. I don’t believe in that only hot outfits will add up essence to your style. It’s your style that makes anything look the best on you. No matter how trendy anything is, get hold on only if it suits you by all angles.

  1. Accessorize in Bright yet Elegant:

From jewelry to shoes and handbags, bright colors can never be out. Avoid going for matching accessories to your outfits all the times. Bad norm, I strongly disown. You should also look into some contrast. I often do so and trust me you will never regret getting turquoise handbag with bright yellow dress and purplish yellow sandals or yellow bag with light red pants and skinny blouse. Keep experimenting with your accessories as you love to do. But, invest in the basics first and then shop frivolously for the rest.

  1. Wear with confidence even if it’s Replica:

Whatever you wear, glow with confidence like nothing can ruin your style. Replicas are typically for low-budget people. Replica of all designers’ products from outfits to shoes and bags etc are now available. Without much difference then the originals, you can pay less and get more. I always prefer getting fake diamond studs for my husband. How’s going to investigate. Even if you can afford, try something different just for a change.

  1. Wear According To Body Type:

Know your stretch and body type so that you can wear accordingly. Women often mistake in wearing pants. Make sure you have purchases the right length for your shoes. Wear heels along with and if not then hem your pants for your shoe height. Fashion comfortably.

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  1. Think in Multiples, Buy Two if you love it:

Fashion wheel revolves too quickly that you may not get the perfect item of your choice again. Yeah, I know women don’t like buying identical items until they have twin babies. But, if you love something. Doesn’t matter if you have a closet full of sheath dresses, if you like your stuff and it works all fine for you. Go against the grains and buy in double or more. Better then regretting later. Shop till you drop as there’s no tomorrow. However, be limited to your pocket.

Bottom Line:

Fashion in India is touching the new heights but the basics appear to be same. For instance, women like to throw on a scarf but in a stylish way. No power on earth can take away women’s urge to look beautiful. Keep rejuvenating your lifestyle by adding the best fashion tips of all times from purchasing to wearing.

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