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Is your marriage heading for a divorce?

Is your marriage heading for a divorce?

is your marriage heading for a divorce?

is your marriage heading for a divorce?

Marriage and life are synonymous. They are unpredictable and both of them have good and bad days. Even a happy marriage has to witness many problems. Marriage is the product of love. People who are in love, believe, they will eventually marry and live a life happily ever after. But those are silly yet beautiful imaginations that are not always true. A married couple lives a happy life in the initial years but as the clock ticks away, they start losing interest. There’s pain and confusion, violence and hurt. Then you come to a point when you think you would be happier if you step out of your marriage.

Bringing to you 5 signs that indicate your marriage is practically coming to an end.



Apart from an intimate relationship, there are no little pleasures of life such as holding hands, cuddling and stealing kisses. You don’t feel for your partner anymore. You don’t care if your partner has had a good day or if s/he is going through the worst days of his/her life. You’ve stopped caring. You’ve stopped feeling!



Long gone are the days when he came happily from his office sharing with you all the boring events that took place and vice-versa. Long gone are the days when you had romantic sessions and when you went on a date. What happens now is, he spends long hours online, playing games or drinking with his friends. If that’s the case, it’s pretty clear that your marriage isn’t working out!



Is Your Marriage Heading For A Divorce?

Communication is the heartbeat of a relationship. Without it, no marriage has a meaning and no love is real. If the only thing you talk about is “Who is going to pay the bill?” or “Breakfast is ready!”, then your marriage is broken and only luck can heal it.



If you blame each other for everything and your arguments end up in a heated wrestling match, there’s no point in staying. If you’re being threatened and abused, you need immediate help. If you or your partner is taking a lot of stress for no defined reason and if your lifeguard is ‘drugs,’ you better move out. If you can’t communicate without lashing out words at each other, you need a divorce. Divorce isn’t a problem. The problem is staying in an unhappy marriage.



Is Your Marriage Heading For A Divorce?

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To stay happily together, you have to compromise! In a marriage, you cannot mind your own life and live like two strangers under a common roof. If none of you is ready to compromise for anything, your marriage is surely heading for a divorce.


It is important that you understand these changes and chalk out a possible solution to the issue.



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